Along with many other areas throughout the United States, the opioid crisis in the state of New York continues to rise. As the synthetic opiate fentanyl continues to rise, drug overdose rates begin to skyrocket. As of last year the drug overdose rate has risen to casualties higher than it ever has been reported. 

     Efforts of the state of New York have been put into place to help with the epidemic. Identification of data among different agencies is being constructed, training healthcare professionals to assist in the field of addiction is being delivered. careful monitoring of pharmaceutical distribution is being done, and several other factors to help with this ongoing drug epidemic are being addressed.

     Unfortunately, fentanyl is even more highly addicting than heroin, making it difficult for users to stop the drug on their own. Once the person stops the drug, they are left to deal with heavy withdrawal symptoms similar to the flu. Methods to deal with this involve the use of Methadone and Suboxone to help them with these symptoms. The issue is that they now become addicted to these other opiates, defeating the purpose. 

     One of the greatest issues to arise is people who have been clean off of opiates resorting back to their drug habits. Heroin is not as widely accessible and fentanyl has taken its place. They take the same amount of a more highly potent drug and many times over dose within days after quitting the substance. 

     Ibogaine hydrochloride has proven to be the most effective approach to deal with this issues, however, pharmaceutical commodities refuse to patent the drug. Ibogaine By David Dardashti provides people with a safe and effective Ibogaine Treatment. This is done in Playa Del Carmen Mexico and has helped thousands of lives with their addiction to opiates and related substances.


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