The opiate epidemic continues to escalate all across the United States. The state of Pennsylvania continues to suffer from the horrors of deadly substances. All across the state in both urban and rural areas people have begun to fall into the clutches of addictive substances. Both prescription opiates and street drugs, such as fentanyl have begun to increase the overdose rates within the state. Recently, the opiate epidemic has become the leading health crisis throughout the state. Efforts are being made to help with the crises, yet people continue to struggle. 

    Law enforcements throughout the state have begun monitoring unethical amounts of prescription opiates prescribed. A two milligram autoinjector of naloxone is being prescribed, which is used to block out the euphoric effects of the opiates. This helps stop people from wanting to abuse the drugs, since they are no longer feeling the effects. Healthcare providers continue to become educated with the disease of opiate addiction to help those struggling more effectively.

     These methods have helped, however, they are not sufficient enough to help many struggling with opiate addiction. There have been nearly five thousand drug overdoses in the state of Pennsylvania alone. This is roughly 35 deaths for every 100 thousand people. More efficient methods continue to be outlawed by the United States government and this is preventing those struggling from addiction to get the help they need. 

      Ibogaine By David Dardashti allows those struggling from opiate addiction to receive treatment with pure Ibogaine Hydrochloride. This is done using the most efficient protocols available in the most secure environment imaginable. Our treatment program has helped thousands of people recover.


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COVID-19 UPDATE: The Ibogaine Clinic continues to operate and take the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe and to allow David Dardashti and his medical team to continue treating people from all over the world.