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Ibogaine Physical Trauma

physical trauma

Physical trauma is an aggressive form of trauma that can occur from many different occurrences. Many times a person receives physical punishments from caregivers during childhood. This punishment, however, is done in a manner that far exceeds necessity. As a result the child grows up into adulthood with a great sense of confusion. Many times this leads them to believe that their behavior was far worse than it actually was, leading towards a distorted sense of self.

Other times the person who has experienced physical abuse in their early stages of development, may develop feelings of aggression later on in life. These feelings of aggression many times are acted out and make it difficult for the person to behave appropriately in social settings. Many times the physical abuse can be passed on, causing an endless cycle of trauma that is passed on for generations. Other forms of physical trauma can occur later on in life. 

Those who have engaged in real life combat such as war, many times experience physical trauma. This can occur from what they witness happening in combat. In addition it can occur from the aggressive behaviors they must engage in during battle. This can many times be even more traumatic as taking human life is never something anyone wants to experience, no matter how bad the person actually is. 

Ibogaine By David Dardashti offers an introspective experience to help people deal with physical trauma. The person reflects on the physical harm they have undergone in their past. They then learn to let go and understand that the aggression in their past is nothing to be ashamed of and they are able to continue on a healthy path in life. 


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