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Ibogaine Procedure

Ibogaine Procedure


Taking every person’s individual situation is essential to provide people with the most effective ibogaine experience possible. Along with the proper dosage is a complete background check on the person’s situation. This allows the person to achieve the most effective treatment possible. Having said that, it is essential that the person feel safe and secure, prior to treatment.
Ibogaine By David Dardashti prioritizes the safety and well being of people being treated. Our providers ensure that people receiving treatment are taken care of prior to arrival. This includes services catered towards helping people receive passports if necessary. In addition, the clinic takes care of arranging the flights free of charge. This helps keep track of the guests arrival and ensures the most minimal amount of travel time. Along with the flight transportation is set up from Cancun International airport to ensure the guest arrives safely and conveniently at the facility. A person’s particular situation is analysed before arriving.
The clinic keeps track of a person’s drug use. This includes the type of substances, methods of consumption, and duration of time using the substance. The person’s physical condition is taken into consideration, accounting for any underlying physical problems. Along with this is the age, weight, and height of the person to account for the proper dosage. Mental health is accounted for as well to determine the dosage.
Upon arrival at the facility the person receives a mild dosage to keep them well before receiving treatment. They meet with a medical doctor and receive a psychological analysis. During the first treatment dose they are carefully monitored to ensure safety. During the stay, they will receive additional treatment doses and small booster doses. This is done to maximize the effects of the ibogaine.
During this time they will have full meals taken care of along with various forms of therapy and activities to help with the therapeutic experience. They will be helped to ensure a safe and effective plan for when they get back home. Once the person is restored back to maximum strength, they will leave the facility with a boost of confidence needed to succeed in life. The duration of stay varies depending on each person’s current situation.


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