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Ibogaine and PTSD

Ibogaine and PTSD

     Many things can trigger PTSD and ibogaine hydrochloride is the most effective medicine to help. The medicine extracted from the iboga root bark takes a person through their past. This allows them to revisit the events that have haunted them the most.

     This process can be very difficult for a person to deal with. Ibogaine Treatment done in a medical setting under the care of doctors, nurses, and therapists helps a person recover more effectively. The patient may find dealing with the trauma to be overwhelming and a safe environment minimizes the pain.

     Ibogaine therapy has been described by many people as the most effective treatment for trauma. Our guests have reported that the ibogaine not only relieved them of their addiction but helped with their past endeavors as well. Recently our clinic has begun to use the medicine for the sole purpose of PTSD victims that do not suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism.

     Many people who have had the ibogaine experience have described the treatment as a year’s worth of therapy all in one day. Others have gone as far as to claim ten years of therapy in a single day. 


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