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Ibogaine Reflection Treatment

Ibogaine Reflection Treatment

Ibogaine has tremendous benefits, and people take the treatment one time and heal from trauma and other related issues.

What is ibogaine treatment

Many of our patients wish to continue benefiting from the medicinal value of ibogaine, but more importantly the effects of the metabolite noribogaine, which lasts for several months after the initial treatment. We understand that the price of treatment is costly, however, we have come up with a solution that no other Clinic has done.

Ibogaine By David Dardashti presents our successful alumni with the option of a reflection treatment. This is a treatment that is used for the intention of both people enhancing their perception from the initial treatment and continue to have neurological ibogaine working through the brain and body. 

In doing so, the person continues to benefit from an all-natural/non-toxic medication that has proven to help people with depression, anxiety, enhanced energy, and metabolic activity, as well as countless other benefits. Many of our guests have returned to our clinic for this very purpose and have had a tremendous experience.  


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