Ibogaine Reset

     The human brain closely resembles a computer operating system. Sometimes it can be corrupted and simply needs a system reboot. This can take a while and it is essential that the person recover quickly to be able to perform the duties necessary to exceed in their daily lives. Ibogaine hydrochloride can be used to reset the brain and body. This helps a brain recover from the stressors they endorse in life.

     Having a high paying and respectable job is a great thing, however many times the responsibilities of these positions can be overwhelming. This can cause a person to work at an excessive rate. Eventually the brain produces too many electrical impulses and the person can no longer perform at the rate necessary to exceed at their profession. Ibogaine By David Dardashti helps people recover from executive burnouts, allowing them to continue optimal performance.

     The mechanism of action that occurs upon administration of ibogaine hydrochloride is a complete reset of the main receptors in the brain. By reconnecting these wires a person can process and retain information like they had in the past. The recovery process is ongoing and continues to progress months after the initial treatment.

     By restoring receptors associated with mental health, memory, and anti aging properties, the brain and body are once more in a healthy state. The person can concentrate more effectively at work, has an enhanced capacity to perform physical activities, and has improved relationships with family and friends. It is similar to rebooting a computer operating system and retaining all the significant data, while at the same time, removing unnecessary data that slows down the speed and efficiency. 



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