Ibogaine Safety

     Although ibogaine hydrochloride has many benefits, administration of the medicine without the necessary protocol can be unsafe. The main complication involved is the risk of a person who has a heart condition. There are other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The person undergoing the treatment must be fully hydrated and remain in a calm collective state.

     Under an experienced treatment provider with the proper medical supervision the ibogaine treatment is completely safe. All safety protocols are stressed before, during, and after the treatment. This ensures the person receives the most effective treatment in a safe and secure manner. It is essential that the person have a medical checkup prior to receiving the treatment dose. 

     A full medical checkup is done to ensure a person’s heart rate and pulse are in a safe and secure manner to receive the treatment. Medical professionals continue to monitor a person’s physical and mental state during the treatment process. The person receiving treatment is equipped with all medical equipment essentiel to continuously monitor all major vital functions. In addition an IV is put on a person to ensure they are fully dehydrated during the treatment process.

     A person’s mental state is taken into consideration as well. Necessary medications are provided to counteract any unwanted side effects during the treatment process. In addition mental health specialists are there to ensure the person is not overwhelmed by any powerful memories brought up during the treatment process. Continuous monitoring of a person’s overall mental and physical state is essential to provide the safest treatment process. 

     It is of crucial importance to administer the safest and healthiest ibogaine possible. One hundred percent pure ibogaine hydrochloride is used to achieve the safest and most effective treatment possible. The medicine is tested in the lab to ensure its purity. This contains the pure alkaloid achieving a healthy treatment experience without many unwanted side effects that make the treatment process feel uneasy to the person. 

     Ibogaine By David Dardashti has had experience treating thousands of people and never has had a single medical complication. It is essential to find the most prestigious treatment available to avoid any safety risks. 



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