Ibogaine Success Rate

                      What is the Success Rate for Ibogaine?

     Although Ibogaine has been proven to help people far more effectively than the conventional approach to opiate treatment and post traumatic stress disorder, the legal status of the substance has not been approved in the United States and is only decriminalised in most other countries. 

Ibogaine therapy is an experience unlike anything else, yet there are necessary protocols that must be put in place for the treatment to be effective. Receiving ibogaine in a medical and clinical setting is essential, there is no doubt about that. Unfortunately, this medicine has very few providers who understand the treatment process to ensure the patient receives the most effective treatment possible. 

Ibogaine By David Dardashti has been treating thousands of guests over the course of over ten years. David Dradashti has constructed a formula that tailors the dosage of ibogaine towards each person’s particular case. So what is the clinic’s success rate?

That is not the easiest question to answer. The vast majority of people who have come through our clinic have stayed away from substances for a significant amount of time. Our clinic highly recommends people not drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana. These are slippery slopes that almost always lead a person back to the lifestyle they once lived. Many of these guests have returned to us, knowing that the treatment was a tremendous gift that they threw away. Our staff can help people win their life back, but we cannot take away a person’s free will. 



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