Ibogaine Therapy

Ibogaine is nothing short of a miracle drug.

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It has the capacity for a person to overcome opiate addiction almost instantaneously. It stops the craving the drug has on the body. It restores a person’s memory back to normal. It helps with depression neurotransmitters. In short, it takes a person back to a pre- addictive state.

This medicine was certainly put on this world by the grace of God to help with the dilemma of opiate addiction. It is also a medicine that works on a very spiritual level as well. Ibogaine helps an individual get in touch with their souls.

Many times during addiction people get out of touch with who they are at the core. Ibogaine offers an out-of-body experience. It essentially takes the person, somewhat into the spirit realm. Once in this realm, the individual can seek out many ways for them to help themselves.

They can take their conscience to the past and deal with any demon’s they may have been facing. It can take the individual into the present and reveal to him how their life is actually going for them. It can take their conscience into the future. It can show them the dark path and it can show them the light path. Most important of all it shows the person the truth.

Ibogaine has the ability to allow an individual to look inside of himself. It can show the person their positive and negative qualities. It can reveal a lot of fears the person might be dealing with. It can bring up resentments the person has to people, places, and things. Throughout this experience, the individual is establishing a closer connection with God. It is up to the individual to take this opportunity and create a better life for themselves.

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