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Ibogaine As Trauma Treatment

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David Dardashti, the founder and CEO of Ibogaine By David Dardashti, was asked to describe further his explanation of trauma and what it may entail. He goes on to explain many different forms of trauma, providing concrete examples.

David describes the most common form of post-traumatic stress disorder seen in the experiences of soldiers in the military. Many times, the soldier is will return from battle with the emotional scars of losing his friends. He feels the pain of loss from losing people he cared deeply for and experiences feelings of guilt for not being able to save them. Many times, he feels ashamed that it was his friends who died and should have been him. This is known as survivors’ guilt. Most freighting of all is him calling out for help with no one to come to his aid, causing deep feelings of helplessness.

David Dardashti goes on to explain what the person who suffers from traumatic experiences. He describes flashbacks as images and sounds that keep repeating themselves about the traumatic event. It is like a freighting movie continuing to play in a person’s head. Sometimes, the person does not experience sounds and images. These are known as emotional flashbacks and can be even more devastating since the person does not recall what they are experiencing.

David Dardashti goes to provide an example of trauma that he has experienced firsthand. He had a woman who received ibogaine treatment. She had been raped since she was five years old all the way through thirteen. She had experiences irrational feelings of guilt as if they even that occurred was her fault. Through her inability to be old enough to determine the person at fault for the experience, she had turned these hurtful feelings inwards.

David Dardashti provides another example of a person who was treated for trauma using ibogaine treatment. This was a person who was abandoned by the mother at age three. He explains that nothing can help with those feelings of fear. The person goes through life feeling this emptiness that is never filled.

Ibogaine By David Dardashti has been informed of a trauma that is rarely talked about. This is known as a self-induced form of trauma. It can be devastating since it involves the person themselves inflicting horror within their lives. Many of these situations involve people living in the clutches of drug addiction, doing things they normally would not do. For example, a person may be traumatized by consuming large quantities putting themselves in the hospital. Many people experience trauma from behaviors they did to obtain drugs. For example, stealing their family and prostituting themselves. The ibogaine experience helps people gain insight into these traumatic experiences.

Ibogaine treatment helps people gain stronger access to their subconscious. In doing so, they can witness things they normally would have suppressed. The ibogaine helps guide the person towards the solution to these ill feelings. Thousand have patients have reported being cured of their trauma after undergoing treatment at Ibogaine By David Dardashti.

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