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                                          Ibogaine By David Dardashti

     After ten years of treating people with pure pharmaceutical grade Ibogaine. David Dardashti began to develop an emotional connection with all patients that received ibogaine treatment. Clients at Ibogaine by David Dardashti were flattered that the owner and Chief Executive Officer of the facility took his personal time to work with each client on an individualized level, providing them with fatherly love. Most Important of all was the lectures he would give to his guests that helped them gain a significance in life perception. Of course, they wanted to continue learning of his wisdom and asked that he would one day write a book. The only problem was operating such a prestigious facility made it difficult to do so. He was both managing the business, while guiding people through their journey through Ibogaine. 

David decided he would scrape up whatever free time he had and complete this request. The main objective was not actually creating the book, rather finding the most important aspects of wisdom to incorporate within his literature. He decided that the most important aspect to educate people on was the concept of fear and how it interferes with all aspects of a person’s life. David Dardashti described the main source of fear as something that was not even realistic. It stems from unnecessary imaginations that people themselves create within their minds. 

He described the main cause of this is in terms of a person’s shadow (Dark Side), forcing a question mark within a person’s mind. If the person can find the solution to these confusing thoughts, they can overcome their fears. In the process of doing so, the person will learn to live a happy, balanced and fulfilling life. Fear is an alternative form a person’s inner critic, preventing them from making the necessary choices to achieve true happiness and serenity

Moving forward from fear David goes on to discuss issues relating to Trauma. The main objective necessary to overcome a person’s Post Traumatic Stress is to dig deep into the subconscious. Ibogaine amplifies a person’s capacity to understand these feelings stored within a person’s subconscious. Once the person remembers all of the details, as they many times are trying to repress unwanted memories, the healing process begins. The person learns that what happened in the past is no longer happening, allowing them to move on with their life, without having past transgressions interfering with their daily lives.. 

David Began discussing the second major issue our society is struggling with. On this day and each there is a substantial amount of poor communication. When people do not communicate effectively many unnecessary fights occur. This is simply due to the fact that people do not correctly understand each other effectively. While there are many factors that may cause this, noise pollution far exceeds any other cause of distorted communication. 

Our brains are not capable of effectively listening to multiple factors at the same time. In order for people to truly listen effectively, they must solely listen to one thing at a time. In doing so, they grasp the information presented to them at the most optimal level possible. Failure to do so, causes all sorts of relationship problems. Problems with romantic partners, family members, friends, coworkers, and all other people a person is acquainted with. 

Moving back to anxiety, David Dardashti suggested that a person think about the worst possible situation that could occur in a given situation. After practicing this principle overtime the person would begin to realize that this is far more calming than storing unresolved files in the brain (Problems in life that the person had not found the solution to. After all of these files of unresolved stressors become stored in the brain, the person becomes overwhelmed. They are faced with many unresolved pressures and do not know how to even begin dealing with these issues. The primary reason is they have no idea which task is most essential to deal with in the first place and feel as though they cannot overcome their fear. 

David Dardashti goes on to describe the sophistication of an effective ibogaine treatment. First off, is using the pure ibogaine extract that contains the essential alkaloid necessary for the treatment. The iboga root bark contains other alkaloids that do nothing more than cause unwanted side effects. Most important of all is developing the most effective protocol that is tailored to each person’s particular situation.  This is done using dozens of protocols and involves many advanced forms of mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology, neuroscience, and many other factors that help provide the most efficient and fastest ibogaine treatment possible. 

David Dardashti describes the ibogaine itself as not what actually cures a person. Ibogaine Hydrochloride simply works as a catalyst to trigger a person’s mind and body to help fix itself. This differentiates Ibogaine from other medicines since it is not something that needs to continuously be used to keep working. People experience the benefits of ibogaine continuing to help them for many months after the treatment. This is fascinating because almost nothing invented by science has proven to help a person heal in such a short amount of time and with a substantial degree of efficiency

David Dardashti stresses the importance of safety, regarding treatment with ibogaine. Using the correct Ibogaine the medicine is non toxic and even safer than aspirin.After ten years of treating thousands David has had no medical issue using his pure ibogaine and proper treatment protocol. The end result  book is based on three basic principles that a person should live by . They are: truth, logic, and simplicity. By practicing these principles a person can maximize their ambition, while continuing to maintain a humble mindset on life. 

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“Growing up, David had a strong curiosity for science and spirituality. He left his hometown, through consent of his parents, at the age of 12. He studied in agricultural school, working from 5 o’clock in the morning until noon and then going to school until 8 o’clock at night. Throughout this time, his love of nature and curiosity for science would grow as he combined spirituality and science through nature.”

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Our Ibogaine Clinic is located in a private gated community on the beautiful coast of Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. This is a no-judgment zone, and you will feel welcomed as soon as you enter our center. When you come here for treatment, we want you to feel like you are family-we want you to leave feeling like family too. Located in a double gated community, Ibogaine Clinic is conveniently located near shopping malls, bird sanctuaries, lavish hotels and resorts, and a movie theater as well as a fitness and health center. Everything you need for a comfortable, relaxing stay in Mexico is here awaiting your arrival. David Dardashti and a team of medical staff work to provide full patient exams, assessments, and treatment. Nurses are on-site around-the-clock to ensure your medical safety and security patrols the area 24/7 to ensure your physical safety-there is literally nothing to worry about but your recovery!

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