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Ibogaine Treatment Centers in the US

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A US Based Ibogaine Treatment Center?

US Based Ibogaine Treatment Centers Could Optimize Treatment Protocol

David Dardashti, a leading expert in ibogaine treatment, has recently spoken out about the potential benefits of allowing ibogaine treatment centers in the state of Kentucky. According to Dardashti, this move could greatly optimize the treatment protocol for those seeking ibogaine therapy in the United States.

Ibogaine is a psychoactive substance derived from the root of the iboga plant, traditionally used in spiritual and healing ceremonies in West Africa. In recent years, it has gained attention for its potential to treat addiction, particularly to opioids. However, due to its classification as a Schedule I drug in the United States, ibogaine treatment is currently only available in other countries.

Dardashti, who has been working with ibogaine for over 20 years, believes that allowing ibogaine treatment centers in Kentucky would greatly benefit those seeking treatment for addiction. He explains, “Ibogaine has shown promising results in treating addiction, but it requires a specific protocol and medical supervision. By allowing licensed treatment centers in Kentucky, we can ensure that patients receive the proper care and support during their treatment.”

Dardashti also emphasizes the potential economic benefits of allowing ibogaine treatment centers in the state. “Not only would this create job opportunities and boost the economy, but it would also provide a much-needed alternative for those struggling with addiction in Kentucky,” he says.

While there are still concerns and regulations that need to be addressed, Dardashti believes that the potential benefits of allowing ibogaine treatment centers in Kentucky far outweigh the risks. He hopes that his message will reach lawmakers and decision-makers, and that they will consider the potential impact of this move on individuals seeking treatment for addiction in the United States.

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