Ibogaine Treatment Dose

Mankind continues to struggle finding solutions to many of the critical problems in the universe.

The main issue at hand is that many of the prestigious solutions necessary to lead the universe into a greater tomorrow are difficult to come by. Ibogaine hydrochloride has proven to be the most effective treatment for opiate addiction, yet complications still arise. The main objective is finding an effective method that offers the most optimal recovery for each specific patient. The difficulty is most ibogaine providers do not take this into consideration. They simply have a one size fits all method of Ibogaine treatment. This involves simply dosing them based upon their weight, measuring the number of milligrams relative to kilograms. Ibogaine By David Dardashti has worked many years providing the most effective full treatment of ibogaine hydrochloride, having treated thousands of patients.

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Our full ibogaine treatment dose involves the use of dozens of protocols, regarding the patients physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Our booster treatments are derived from our full treatments dose. Our methods are expressed in the following ways. We have integrated many mathematical models, using principles of calculus, algebra, and statistics, used to effectively measure and predict the outcome of a single person’s reaction to the ibogaine. While there are many different calculations, our main algorithm is structured to integrate any outliers which may affect the necessary dosage.

Our main approach goes as follows. The first thing to take into considerations is the overall physical well-being of the person being treated. The most important variable to consider is the specific type of opiates the person is currently on. In addition to this, we continue to expand upon this, by incorporating the precise number of drugs in their body, as well as the average duration of that dose. Next, we move on to the general physical health of a person outside the parameters of drug addiction.

We take into consideration physical health conditions that may be occurring based upon a person’s age, gender, and body type. We also look at the person’s medical charts to search for outside health issues, such as diabetes and hepatitis C.  We are continuing to optimize this method more effectively by having patients take necessary phlebotomy tests prior to treatment. This will be used to gain greater insight into precise levels of physical health regarding levels of iron, potassium, insulin, and testosterone.

Next, we measure the dosage regarding a person mental and emotional wellbeing. This incorporates primary factors such as basic levels of depression and anxiety. Any form of trauma that may have occurred throughout a person’s life, in addition to the severity of the trauma. Taking into consideration other preexisting neurological condition, such as Autism, Attention deficits, compulsions, as well as dozens of other psychological conditions, we have been exposed to. By following these guidelines our patients receive the most productive, comforting, and inspiration ibogaine treatment they can possibly have.

For each full treatment, we micro dose booster treatments. The dosage for the booster treatment is derived proportionately from the full treatment dose. In doing so, we enhance the experience of the full treatment over the course of several days, without causing the person to feel any discomfort. Our methods have proven to be successful to the degree of treating people on long-acting opiates, such as Suboxone, Methadone, and Subutex, without requiring them to initially taper using short acting opiates.


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