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Ibogaine Treatment Experience

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A journey of the conscience through the past, present, and future

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An experience unlike any anything ever imaginable awaits you. A journey that allows you to evaluate the life you have created for yourself. It is an experience that presents the luxury of choice.

We are directed towards the different paths one can choose to take in life, as well as the various consequences resulting in each particular path taken. The ibogaine experience embraces a vivid understanding of one’s life, in addition to the contribution which may have occurred as a result of drug addiction and other various dilemmas that may have contributed towards one fate.  This mystical journey is completed through various stages involved in this psycho-spiritual experience.

The journey begins with the person gradually entering a lucid dreamlike state. As this begins, thoughts begin to unravel. The individual begins to become consciously aware of different thoughts, hidden within the subconscious. The brain essentially begins to rewind itself, allowing one to revisit past transgressions.

As the subconscious begins to take over the past starts to clarify itself. Some of these memories may prove to be quite shocking to someone of course. It can be assured, however, that this serves as nothing more than a crucial therapeutic aspect involved in this spiritual journey. Certain memories can prove to be quite fear oriented, however, it is crucially essential to face these memories, as they are essential in respect to an effective healing process.

The past gradually assimilates into a more sufficient understanding of the events in one’s life, clarifying the significance of particular events, which may have occurred. The patient is now able to effectively sort out the events that have occurred in their lives, allowing them to differentiate between which events have had an impact of crucial importance, as opposed to the events which may in fact not have been as important to the person, as they originally thought.

It gives the person an opportunity, which allows them to trace back specific patterns in their life, in addition to the situations created, as a result of those patterns. An opportunity is presented, which helps allow someone to conveniently cope with feelings associated with guilt and shame. This is a journey, which is geared towards freedom. The freedom which stems from being relived from painful memories, one has faced in life.

The patient begins to become consciously aware of the individual chapters in their life, which have greatly contributed to their current standing in life. At this time the person gains an understanding of how they have managed to establish for themselves, the life they have been forced to live.

The individual is granted the ability to view their life from the perspective of an outsider. It allows someone to see phenomenon’s within their lives they themselves have failed to see, which others may have had an easier time grasping. It enables the expansion of one’s perception, towards a more vivid understanding of the most prestigious dilemmas, contributing towards the current standing in life, faced by the individual.

A person is given the ability to understand what they truly value in life. This makes it easier to elaborate on the changes, needed to occur, in order to provide a life filled with joy and happiness. This can, of course, prove to be quite disappointing to the patient, granted that a life consumed with drug addiction, is not a very appealing one to say the least. The good news is that the person is now given an opportunity, which includes a step by step process, allowing them to result in living the life they longed to live.

It is quite amazing indeed, how the choices we make are so significant, regarding the lives, we map out for ourselves. It allows one to locate and pinpoint their true purpose in life, as well as to truly discover who they are, at the core of their heart and soul.

A new outlook is presented. An outlook that basically paints out new scenarios now filled with beauty, taking over the darkness consuming one’s existence in the universe. The pain and suffering associated with this trivial life begin to cleanse from deep within the confines of the individual. A choice is now presented to the person.

The individual can decide to remain null and continue living a tainted life, which will eventually result in an even darker and more painful life, than what they are currently faced within the given moment. On the contrary, they are granted an essential set of tools, which will allow for the shaping and molding of a more fulfilling life. In addition, the person becomes aware of the emotional techniques, needed to effectively deal with life’s challenges.

The opportunity for one to determine their fate in the universe is demonstrated with clear cut predicaments. The majority of patients who undergo this spiritual journey are of course likely to be opiate-dependent individuals. There are however additional life concerts that can be conveniently dealt with, given the ibogaine experiences alternative perception of one’s reality, resulting in a greater understanding of one’s inner self.

The most common one of these issues one may be facing in life is the dissatisfying feelings of depression. A person gains a more thorough understanding of how it came about, as well as how it has affected various aspects in one’s life. It opens up the conscience allowing them to perceive the most significant events in life, contributing to feelings of sorrow. It allows for a more comprehensible understanding of the challenges in life, brought on by depression. In addition, the patient is presented with the hope of progressing towards a happier and rich full life that they deserve.

An additional life dilemma, which can be effectively dealt with, are the feelings resulting from a traumatic event experienced in life. It is clarified on how this painful memory has contributed towards the destiny experienced in life. The patient undergoes a clear cut awareness of the precise level of impact the trauma has had on their life.

The challenges and situations avoided in life are now made available into one’s conscious thoughts. It is also made clear the differing choices made in life, resulting from the trauma. A person is given access to priceless information that can be used to successfully face their demons once and for all.

A more descriptive, sound image, of the fear associated with the trauma is now made aware to the person. In addition to this, it becomes easier for the person to comprehend the significance regarding the emotional inflicted upon the person, as a result of the event.

The cause and effects of the fear brought upon by the trauma begin to clarify within one’s conscience. This allows the person a more descriptive understanding of the series of events in their life that have occurred, as a result of the trauma. The person eventually begins to develop an understanding of what needs to be done in order to effectively deal with this horrible memory from the past and finally move on with life.

The experience provides the individual with an emotional inventory, used as a sufficient means to cope with future scenarios in life, which causes the individual to revisit the emotional turmoil associated with the event. The patient is presented with a means to properly understand just how much the event has affected their emotional wellbeing, as well as an opportunity which allows them to develop the courage needed to overcome the fear associated with the event. This shall allow the person to move on with life, without having the event controlling the outcome of their destiny.

During the same time which the patient is experiencing these lucid thoughts and possible visions. The brain and body slowly and effectively begin to undergo essentially an unwounded operation of some sort. This results in a series of drastic physical changes throughout a person’s brain and body, restoring there being to a more optimal state. They undergo changes that allow for physical alterations, which help the patient recover more effectively.

The individual is electrically wired back to normal, regarding neurological pathways, which affect the pain receptors in the brain, which are affected due to chemical dependency. There are other parts of the brain that are also restored back to normal. A person’s memory receptors and neurotransmitters associated with depression are greatly enhanced.

While this is occurring, the person is also undergoing physical changes regarding the body. There are restorative mechanisms that occur, restoring vital physical properties such as increased metabolic activity and optimized levels of kidney functions. Varies’ physical features are redistributed effectively into a newly created pre-addictive state, not inflictive by chemical dependency. There are many other factors contributing to healthy bodily functions, which are restored to more optimal levels.

It seems as though the patient is reborn into a more clear-minded and physically sufficient version of themselves. All these factors contribute to the many benefits provided by the iboga experience, as well as the features which continue to occur and further develop, months after the medicine is ingested. The list of benefits goes on, providing the individual with a diverse collection of tools used to help establish an effective recovery process.

The ongoing list of mind, body, and brain rebooting, resulting from the ibogaine treatment, provides us with a more profound understanding of a person’s particular functionality in the universe. It allows one’s conscience to travel freely through time and space, allowing them to understand how life got to be where it now is.

We try our best to provide concrete descriptions of the occurrences that explain the true nature of ibogaine therapy. However, we have no choice but to leave room for an unknown entity that describes the true nature of the experience the patient undergoes.

Ibogaine is nothing more than a mysterious and miraculous medicine that helps someone recover from drugs, as well as many additional challenges in life. The patient undergoes an incredible pyscho-spiritual out of body experience, allowing the conscience to develop a more effective means to deal with the challenges life deals.

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