Ibogaine Treatment For Alcohol Addiction

Why Is Ibogaine Treatment for Alcohol Addiction so Effective

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Alcoholism is a serious addiction that many people face. It takes their lives apart and affects the lives and well-being of the families and friends who love those who abuse alcohol. Addiction to alcohol is progressive and chronic, and it can strike people regardless of their age, gender, or ethnicity.

“Curing” Alcoholism

There actually is not a permanent cure for people who are addicted to alcohol. There are treatments that will help alcoholics in learning control over their desires to drink. Since the success rate is not good, researchers are looking at other types of treatment. Regardless of the type of treatment, the ultimate goal is abstinence from drinking.
Ibogaine is one of the drugs of choice in new treatments for alcohol addiction, once the alcoholic admits there is a problem. The person has reached a place where the need for drink overtakes everything else in his life. Sometimes it takes a moment of despair or fear to shock an alcoholic into seeking ibogaine treatment, or any other type of treatment.

Ibogaine Alcohol Treatment Shows Real Promise

Getting an alcoholic to admit that he needs to completely stop drinking is not easy. This is one reason why ibogaine treatment is doubly effective in combating alcoholism. The factors that underlie alcoholism are physical and psychological, both. It takes an effective treatment like ibogaine to address not only the physical causes of addiction but the mental ones as well.
Ibogaine demonstrates in various studies that it can help in the elimination of craving and withdrawal symptoms that typically plague recovering alcoholics. A great deal of anecdotal evidence indicates that ibogaine is helpful in addressing the psychological factors that underlie alcoholism. This allows the addicted person to more truly accept the need to be sober.
Ibogaine alcohol treatment may mean just one administration of ibogaine. This single step is easy and simple even though the journey to sobriety is not. If you or a friend or family member is addicted to alcohol, make it a point to contact someone who is qualified to administer ibogaine treatment for alcoholism. It may provide a much brighter future.



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