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Ibogaine Treatment for Anxiety

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Anxiety is an extremely uncomfortable condition that many people suffer from.

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The reason behind this could be chemical but that usually is not the case. Many times people with anxiety suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many times people are afraid of failure. Many times people are afraid of what the future holds. Many times people are scared of losing people and things that are important to them. Ibogaine hydrochloride can help resolve many of these issues.

During the ibogaine experience the individual will undergo a reliving of the past. This will help the individual identify what the things in life that make them anxious in the first place are. They will also be able to see a brighter future by showing them the path to changing these issues. This will help bring the individual to a clearer mind.

Once the individual is left with a clearer mind it will be much easier for them to deal with the things that make them anxious in the first place. If they have experienced a traumatic experience it will usually come up during the experience. This is obviously not a fun experience for the individual, but they mostly relive things from the past and get over them to live a happier future. It will also give clarity as to what the individual values in life.

Showing the individual what they value in life can be most helpful in treating anxiety. It can reveal their passions and why they are afraid to pursue them. It can bring up feelings the individual has for friends and families and the reasons why they may or may not lose them. It can reveal obstacles in the future, the individual is afraid of facing. The bottom line is the ibogaine opens up the subconscious. Once the subconscious is open all of the person’s fears will become more clear to them.


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