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Ibogaine Treatment Mexico


The first and most tortuous step in dealing with an addiction is to recognize that you have a problem, and then make a conscious choice to seek treatment. You have bravely taken this first step towards your recovery by visiting us here. This site is a safe environment in which you can learn about our innovative and powerful new Ibogaine treatment, and determine if that treatment is right for you.

The Cycle of Addiction

The time it takes to become addicted to a drug or other substance is alarmingly short, while the recovery process is agonizingly slow. We are here to guide you through this difficult process, and assist you in breaking the cycle of your addiction.

This cycle is extremely complex, with both physical and psychological factors coming into play. Chemical imbalances, traumatic incidents, childhood abuse, and brain chemistry can work together to cause immense psychic agony, so much so that the mind will instinctively try to protect itself by turning to substances which can allow you to avoid or forget the pain. Addiction, of course, only creates more damage, and the cycle this causes is difficult to break.

Why Your Treatment Hasn’t Worked

If you are visiting us here, you may have already attempted to get rid of your addiction, maybe by quitting cold turkey, seeking treatment in a specialized facility, or by any number of other means.

You may be wondering why you have failed at these attempts, or why you have relapsed after apparently successful treatment. Are you simply too weak to break free of your addiction? Are you condemned to spend the rest of your life in thrall to this drug?

The answer to both of these questions is “no.”

The problem is your treatment. Most approaches only address the physical aspects of quitting, when the reality is that both physical and emotional causes of the addiction must be addressed. If they are not, the patient is left with the same psychological wounds, and the cycle begins again.


The Ibogaine experience is a highly effective addiction treatment program that works by addressing the entire scope of the disease. Ibogaine effects are to naturally detoxify both the body and the mind, creating a solid foundation that shields patients from relapse.

How it Works

Our treatment program consists of two phases.

First, a screening process to qualifies the individual for treatment. Then a custom protocol, which includes the Ibogaine dosage and duration, is created to ensure the best possible results. Ibogaine treatment naturally within the body and gently detoxifies patients, cleansing their systems while avoiding the terrible symptoms so commonly associated with withdrawal.

One of the key factors in addiction’s cyclical nature is that it creates an imbalance in the dopamine pathways of the brain. The first step naturally rebalances these pathways, breaking the physical aspect of the addiction cycle.

Once this is done, our patients are guided into the second phase of the program: emotional healing.

Usually, our patients are struggling with deep emotional issues that motivated their drug or substance abuse in the first place. Ibogaine’s research shows that through intensive therapy, our patients are able to recognize this trauma, root out the causes of their addiction, and heal these emotional wounds once and for all. There is just a few of the many positive Ibogaine side effects the medication has to offer.

Taking the Next Step

If you think you may be ready to take the next step in your recovery, please contact one of our warm, professional, and qualified Ibogaine Treatment specialists to get started.

Your future may seem bleak and frightening, and you may feel powerless to change it. But the moment you contact us, you will have the full support of a team who can give you shelter, give you safety, and give you your life back.

You’ve already taken the first step. Keep that momentum going, and take the second one now.

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