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Ibogaine Treatment Outcomes

Ibogaine Treatment Outcomes

     The outcomes witnessed by those experiencing ibogaine treatment and those watching the person receiving treatment, far exceeds any other method of treatment for opiate addiction. Watching the healing process is similar to watching a newborn baby come to life. In just a matter of days the person recovers from opiate addiction in a manner that would take several months, using the conventional approach.

     Unlike other methods of opiate detox, ibogaine hydrochloride completely restores the brain and body to its natural state. In doing so, the person looks, feels, and functions in the same manner prior to ever consuming an opiate. This helps enhance the level of confidence necessary to function at maximum levels when returning to duties and responsibilities in the real world. 

     The pleasure centers in the brain are restored to the point where the person once again can enjoy the little things in life. Physiologically speaking, the person is fully cleansed and no longer has to deal with a drug induced body. The brain is fully cleared in a matter of days. This allows a person to perform tasks at full capacity. They do not have to rely on the long ongoing process to perform the best at their work. Memory is recovered to its full potential as well.

     On an emotional level, the person feels reconnected with themselves and those around them. Friends and families feel reunited with the person that existed prior to drug addiction. Most important of all is that the ibogaine helps the person gain a sense of gratitude towards the life that they are sacrificing. They realise the drawbacks of drug addiction and the benefits of recovery.


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