What is Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

Brain cells operate like tiny factories, all linking together to produce something greater than each of their individual capabilities. Like full-size factories they receive supplies, produce, construct equipment and get rid of the waste. Over time the blueprint to create new factories (brain cells) gets change to accommodate new needs. But for people with brain degenerative diseases, these cells start to fail. As one part of the cell breaks down it causes the rest of the cell to slow down and eventually fail in its function. This in turn, affects the communication and puts  stress on the other brain cells and those begin to fail as a result. This is the ultimate reason why the brain fails at memory.

Why Ibogaine?

So how does Ibogaine fix this when Doctors and modern medicine can’t? Our treatment works as a trigger for the central nervous system in the brain to order the body to fix itself. Through this process, the cell blueprint is reset. Old cells are either repaired so they function properly or replaced entirely. Doctors cannot yet treat such diseases effectively because they actually don’t know what is wrong. Research backing up Ibogaine as a useful tool to cure brain degenerative disease date back to the 60’s. Many US companies and universities hold various protocol patents for treatments and cures using Ibogaine. Please see our other pages for more information, or just give us a call.

For decades, to date, the conventional treatment of Alzheimer’s disease has fallen on cholinesterase inhibitors or memantine (as per the Mayo Clinic). The more experimental sort of people, perhaps, look to medical cannabis to slow the progression of the disease. The former option is very costly, while the latter is surrounded by a variety of issues (social acceptance, legality, and the like). In the end, the choice falls on your shoulders.

We at The Ibogaine Clinic believe that ibogaine has all the right components to effectively treat Alzheimer’s, and not just keep its symptoms at bay. While it is not an antioxidant, it improves antioxidant production in the body. Plus, you can be sure that our ibogaine treatment for Alzheimer’s disease is legal. As we continue to see success with our patients receiving ibogaine treatment, we are certain that there will be increased interest in this mode of treatment, which will, in turn, lead to further studies.

The best thing about ibogaine’s natural treatment of Alzheimer’s is that the efficiency is hinged on the potency of the Iboga itself, and not so much on the level of dosage. Under our supervision, ibogaine can be used as a natural remedy and a promising alternative to the chemically-heavy medication for Alzheimer’s.

Why Give Ibogaine a Chance?

There’s no going around the fact that Alzheimer’s disease is scary. What it does to a person is the stuff of nightmares. As such, it’s easy to understand the fervent pursuit for its cure. Ibogaine offers an alternative to the primarily western approach to treating the condition. You should also know that the support is likewise growing for ibogaine to be used as treatment for Parkinson’s, another dreaded neurodegenerative disorder.

We would love to clear all your questions regarding ibogaine and its effect on Alzheimer’s. Contact us today!

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