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Did You Know Alzheimer’s Is the 6th Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.?

Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia, causing problems with memory, thinking and even behavior. Unfortunately, this degenerative disease, in time, disrupts a person’s life. Daily tasks become harder and harder to accomplish leading to late-stage Alzheimer’s where a person can no longer carry on a conversation. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, Alzheimer’s accounts for 60% to 80% of all dementia cases. Even though this disease is typically associated with aging, it accounts for about 200,000 Americans under the age of 65 have early on-set Alzheimer’s where memory loss is mild.

Alzheimer’s is actually the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., with an average of 8 years to live after symptoms are noticeable to others. There’s plenty of research happening around the world to find a cure, but today, all people can find is a way to treat some of the dementia symptoms and slow down their worsening. A better quality of life is what these medications promise, but for every individual, results are different.

Alzheimer’s and The Brain: Microscopic Changes Take Place Before Memory Loss Begins

Our brain has 100 billion nerve cells, connecting and communicating with each other, in order to form networks that have special functions such as thinking, smelling, remembering and so on. Imagine if you will, tiny factories all linked together to produce something greater than their own individual capabilities. These brain cells receive, supply and produce energy, build equipment, process information and eliminate waste. Over time, the blueprint to create new factories (or brain cells) changes to accommodate for new needs, but with people with Alzheimer’s, cells start to fail. Parts of cells break down, other parts slow down. And as damage spreads, they lose the ability to do their jobs, eventually dying and causing irreversible changes in the brain which is why memory loss happens.

Did You Know Parkinson’s Affects 10 Million People Worldwide?

Just like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s is a degenerative disease, that also involves the malfunction and death of vital nerve cells in the brain. Some of these dying cells produce dopamine, a chemical that sends messages to that part of the brain that controls movement and coordination which is why, when the dopamine decreases, a person can’t control their movements normally leading to tremors, rigidity and more. According to the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation, about 1 million people in the U.S. are living with Parkinson’s disease and 10 million worldwide. About 60,000 Americans are diagnosed with this chronic movement disorder. Just like with Alzheimer’s disease, there is no definite cure, just medications to treat the symptoms.

How Can An Ibogaine Treatment Heal Degenerative Diseases Including
Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s?

Ibogaine, a natural substance derived from the Tabernanthe iboga tree found in Africa, has anti-addictive properties which is why it’s used a lot in drug treatment programs. So how does an ibogaine treatment work to help people with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s when modern medicine can’t seem to do the trick? The Mayo Clinic sites Cholinesterase inhibitors and Memantine for managing Alzheimer’s symptoms, but the results and side effects are different for everyone. For Parkinson’s, Carbidopa-levodopa is one of the most popular way to treat the degenerative disease, but again it’s no cure. Some people opt for medical cannabis, but with its social stigma and expensive cost, that again is no long term solution.

Ibogaine Clinic’s David Dardashti explains that an ibogaine treatment works by triggering a person’s central nervous system (including brain) in order for the body to fix itself. In other words, through a reputable ibogaine treatment, cells’ blueprint can be reset. Old cells are either repaired or replaced entirely. The precise causes for Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s aren’t really known, which is why it’s so hard to find a cure. Research leveraging ibogaine as a useful tool to treat brain degenerative diseases dates back to the 60s. In fact, many U.S. companies and American universities hold various protocol patents for ibogaine treatments and cures for various diseases.

Try An Ibogaine Treatment For Alzheimer’s By David Dardashti

At the Ibogaine Clinic, one of the top ibogaine treatment centers, we offer people suffering from degenerative diseases both an ibogaine Alzheimer’s treatment and ibogaine Parkinson’s treatment. David Dardashti, the Ibogaine Clinic’s founder and theologian, has created over 250 ibogaine protocols for treating various diseases including diabetes and conditions such as depression. Dosage is specific, interval times at which ibogaine is administered is specific and most importantly, the quality of the ibogaine which is pure and medical-grade is crucial to treating someone with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.

The best thing about an ibogaine treatment is that it’s natural, it’s an alternative to the western approach (listed above) of treating degenerative diseases. At Ibogaine Clinic, we know how scary it can be to suffer from memory loss. That’s why we offer pure, medical-grade ibogaine Alzheimer’s treatment at our Playa Del Carmen resort-like facility. You can count on a team of medical professionals, including nurses, psychiatrists and more. From gourmet meals and golf to state-of-the-art medical equipment to beach access, it’s all you need to rest, heal and get back on your feet.

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