Diabetes has become an epidemic in the modern world. Estimates show countries in America’s, will have 50% of their population on Diabetic medications within 10 years. Even though our understanding of diabetes has increased significantly since the early 1900’s. Treatment has not changed much. Interestingly, we monitor Diabetes better and better. Yet especially for those with type 1 diabetes, very few cures are researched let alone published.Many have suggested this is due to the fact there is simply too much money made in the treatment of diabetes. With little money to be made in its cure. Research the subject you will find that there is studies dating back to the 1960’s on Ibogaine and diabetes. Proof goes back to the 90’s, recently a paper in 2010. This paper stated that Ibogaine was more effective with no downsides, and further study is merited. However, like every other time there are positive papers published on a cure with very little profit margins. The pre-existing research got swept under the rug, and further research lost funding due to positive results.

Most diabetic people live their entire lives in a state of caution. Closely monitoring your daily sugar intake is a lot more work than you think, and those with severe diabetes even have to carry around a monitoring kit. This is the daily struggle, and although people who suffer from diabetes get used to the routine, it’s always easier to have something that will alleviate the condition and bring it down to near-normal levels.

At the Ibogaine Clinic, we believe that we have the alternative, natural treatment for diabetes that you must try. The extract of the Tabernathe iboga has an Insulin-like effect, but even a small dose has a potent amount of ibogaine. While ibogaine is already making waves as a highly effective treatment for several forms of addiction, studies are also ongoing about the full potential of ibogaine in treating long-term conditions and specific diseases. Soon enough, western doctors will see the capability of ibogaine against diabetes.

The consistent success of ibogaine in trials points to its efficiency. The established western approach to diabetes is costly, and its efficiency is dependent on the regular intake of medication and insulin. Our treatment, on the other hand, offers a natural approach.

We also encourage anyone who takes an interest in ibogaine treatment for diabetes to let professionals handle it. The potency of the extract is not one for an amateur to handle. We know exactly how much is the right dose to apply, and it takes experience to know the exact amount a person can take. Furthermore, our treatments pay attention to the emotional struggles of the patient, as well. When it comes to long-term conditions like diabetes, it’s well established that a person’s way of thinking affects how he/she approaches the treatment.

While it has yet to garner the widespread approval of doctors who focus on westernized medicine, we hope you see the good things about ibogaine treatment for diabetes. Under our care, you’ll receive the proper administration of ibogaine. Contact us today for more information.

Our Treatment

We have proven over and over that Ibogaine is an effective treatment of diabetes. David Dardashti is currently in the process of Medical Trials to produce the necessary medical records. This is not a short 1-week treatment. Many times this treatment takes 2-4 weeks. However it can be an outpatient style treatment and minimal monitoring and tests need to be done to make sure the treatment is right for you.

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