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David really wants to share his experiences with Ibogaine with you. He wants to be able to tell you firsthand about his experiences in working with Ibogaine, and about the many benefits this powerful medication holds – not just for substance abuse and spiritual awakening, but for a plethora of other physical and mental ailments that afflict so many of us.

David has constructed this site to house educational material that will help answer many of the questions you may have pertaining to Ibogaine treatment and its different uses. The material consists of videos of David himself speaking about various aspects of Ibogaine therapy, as well as articles, informative literature, and video testimonials.


The Ibogaine by David Dardashti Facility in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is actively involved in research into Ibogaine’s many uses. For the past nine years, our research has focused primarily on the ability of Ibogaine to reduce or eliminate the severe withdrawal symptoms and the incessant cravings experienced by individuals who are seeking to break free from an addiction to drugs or alcohol.  In this time, we have found Ibogaine Therapy to be effective in treating addiction to heroin, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, alcohol, and pharmaceuticals.

We have also found it to be effective in adjusting brain chemistry, returning the patient to a pre-addictive state, and creating the foundation for a successful recovery. We have begun research on the effectiveness of ibogaine treatment on nicotine addiction. While we have not yet garnered conclusive results, our initial efforts indicate that this is a possibility.

Beyond Addiction

But David and his team have been involved in other research, as well. Ibogaine is a powerful treatment with a great deal of potential, and we are only now beginning to understand that its healing power goes beyond addiction. Ibogaine is now being noticed for its anti-aging properties, bring relief to individuals such as soldiers and rape victims who suffer from PTSD, to those suffering from depression, and to those plagued by a host of other mental and physical ailments.

The success of this treatment seems to hinge on the life-giving chemical Noribogaine, found in Ibogaine. Through our Ibogaine research, we hope to make important contributions to the current body of scientific knowledge on this treatment and find ways to effectively harness the many possibilities of Ibogaine and noribogaine.

What the Future Holds

We are excited about the great potential of Ibogaine. Not only are we seeing ongoing success through our Ibogaine treatment program, but our Ibogaine research continues to reveal more about the future use of Ibogaine treatment. What we have discovered so far is very promising, and we believe that our research, alongside that of our fellow Ibogaine researchers across the globe, will continue to reveal much more about what Ibogaine therapy has to offer to humanity.