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Ibogaine Treatment Plans

How is Ibogaine Treatment Different?

Other Ibogaine treatment centers’ cost for treatment may be reasonable, but is it worth it? At Ibogaine Clinic, you get more for the same amount.

The team at the Ibogaine by David Dardashti facility gently wipes all trace of substance abuse from your life with an approach that treats mind and body, heart and soul. Ibogaine treatment suffuses the patient, seeking out every crack and crevice of hurt and trauma that have contributed to addictive behavior over the years. If you have gone through a detox program in the past, only to relapse into addiction, it’s because the program only took one element – the physical – into account. The Ibogaine approach heals on all levels, and shows you a path that lets you leave substance abuse far behind.

The healing process begins by cleansing harmful chemical substances from the body. If not handled delicately, this can cause great pain in the patient, which is why the Ibogaine treatment makes use of medication to help you feel stable and secure as your body resets its chemical balance. Their skill in handling this process makes our team the best in the world at implementing alternative substance abuse treatments. After working with them, you will feel that a new day has dawned, and will be ready to take on the rest of your treatment with a strength you had forgotten you possessed.

From here on, your Ibogaine treatment program turns its focus on the root causes of your addiction – psychological, emotional, and spiritual ailment. Were you facing challenges you weren’t ready to confront? Were you trying to cope with depression, and saw no way out? We help you to understand what was really happening when your substance abuse became an escape, and we help you to heal those wounds. Then, with the root causes of your addiction defanged, you will be able to leave our facility confident in your continued recovery.

How much does Ibogaine treatment cost at Ibogaine Clinic? It depends on the program or treatment plan you need.


The Complete Ibogaine Detox Treatment and Therapy Program includes…

  • Transportation to and from airport
  • Up to 1 week’s stay in our medically supervised, safe, and secure, gated beachfront resort
  • You will receive medical screening prior to your treatment
  • All of your necessary medications will be provided
  • Trained nurses, medical doctors, and venerable shamans are available throughout the entire Ibogaine treatment procedure
  • Your own personal nurse is available to you at all times
  • Access to two theologists, who can offer spiritual guidance and addiction support
  • A highly advanced psychotherapy session
  • A full-time housekeeper available for cleaning and laundry
  • A full-time cook, providing 3 meals a day and catering to specific meal requests
  • Plenty of food and snacks, available at all times
  • HD television with cable
  • WiFi service connections
  • Long distance phone lines
  • A PlayStation 3
  • A short walking distance to many tourist attractions, including our beautiful beaches
  • Access to a pool within our facility

Ibogaine Treatment Plans


The Advanced Ibogaine Detox Treatment program includes…

  • All the features of our Conventional Ibogaine Detox Treatment Program
  • A secondary Ibogaine booster treatment, providing additional insight into the root causes of your addiction
  • A stay of up to 10 days
  • 2 additional psychotherapy sessions
  • 2 massage therapy sessions
  • Laser acupuncture therapy session
  • Access to saunas everyday
  • Your choice of a single recreational activity listed on our Ibogaine activities page


The Deluxe Ibogaine Detox Treatment program includes…

  • All the features of our Advanced Ibogaine Detox Treatment plan
  • Yet another additional Ibogaine booster treatment, providing still more insight into the roots of your addiction
  • 6 additional therapy sessions of your choice
  • A stay of up to 15 days
  • A private room
  • Use of our Es-Teck Full Body Analysis Scanner to get more detailed information for use in your recovery

For more information about Ibogaine treatment costs, call us at 1 888-462- 1164.