We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.

Ibogaine Opioid Detox

Why Is It So Crucial To Seek Alternative Drug Treatment Programs?

Opioids addiction is sweeping the nation, affecting countless lives while pharmaceutical companies keep profiting from offering maintenance medication, which really just results in more addiction. For example, heroin addicts are given methadone (a narcotic) to alleviate the symptoms of withdrawal, but methadone itself is an addictive substance. Thus, the vicious cycle of drug addiction. In fact, according to the New York Times the opioid epidemic has killed more than 33,000 people in 2015. During that same year, for the first time ever, deaths from heroin alone have surpassed gun homicides.

How Does An Ibogaine Opioid Treatment Work?

So why is Ibogaine, a natural substance derived from the roots of an African rainforest shrub, such an effective treatment for drug – and especially opioid – addiction? While the science itself is intricate, the basic idea with an ibogaine opioid treatment is simple.  Chemicals from opioid drugs such as heroin, morphine, oxcodone and prescription pain relievers, bind with certain receptors in the brain. When these opioids aren’t present, these receptors are empty, resulting in the infamous cravings that many recovering addicts experience.

However, Ibogaine binds to these same receptors. Thus, a single administration of an Ibogaine treatment (sometimes followed by a few smaller administrations, in the case of particularly nasty addictions) can reduce the “cold turkey” withdrawal symptoms by 80-90%, on average. Ibogaine itself is not addictive. And once it’s ingested, it’s metabolized by the liver into its active metabolite Noribogaine, which stays in the body for several weeks or months after a single dose. Noribogaine helps to prevent post-treatment withdrawal symptoms, and may also act as an anti-depressant.

What to Expect From An Opiate Addiction Treatment at Ibogaine Clinic?

Our main goal is to help people heal from opiate addiction, ending their suffering and move forward in life. from dependence to potent substances. Opiate addiction is one of the most difficult kinds of drug addiction, because of the stronghold of the chemical on the user. It’s hard enough for a short-term abuser to come off an opiate addiction, as violent withdrawal symptoms can arise even after only a few weeks of use. So prolonged opiate addiction is even harder to treat.

At Ibogaine Clinic, we believe that traditional drug treatment programs may not necessarily be the best solution, nor does it always ensure a long-term solution. Going through withdrawal is extremely hard and stops people from even wanting to go to traditional rehab centers. With an ibogaine treatment, there’s virtually no painful withdrawal symptoms. In addition, ibogaine has certain components that directly and efficiently address synthetic chemicals in a user’s system, further benefiting an opiate addict. The physical symptoms that can possibly happen after an ibogaine opiate detox, depending on the individual and severity of drug addiction, include muscle aches, fatigue, or reduced need for sleep, any of which can last for several weeks.

Ibogaine Therapy For Drug Addiction: The Path To True Recovery

An ibogaine treatment is effective when used to initially detoxify an addict. Long-term abstinence and success varies, because it relates to the type of aftercare that a patient adheres to, as well as to the patient’s readiness to become, and to remain, clean and sober. This is why both the emotional and spiritual elements of David Dardashti’s ibogaine treatment program are so important.

At Ibogaine Clinic, we’re committed to seeing each one of our patients to eliminate the factors that first caused them to turn to drugs. We pride ourselves on educating and training each individual to effectively manage the internal resistance and combat the external forces that first led to abusing drugs. The goal is to allow our clients to live a happy, healthy, and whole life, without fear of relapse through a successful ibogaine opiate treatment.

Your Time Is Now, Take The Next Step Towards Your Healing Journey With Ibogaine

Opiates addiction is powerful, but an ibogaine treatment by David Dardarshti is even more powerful. Call the Ibogaine Clinic at 1.888.462.1164 and let us fully explain how an ibogaine opiate detox works, from the various phases and experience so you can know what to expect. Please note, the horrible withdrawal symptoms you’ve come to expect with drug treatment programs are not part of the Ibogaine Clinic experience.

We have three plans available for people interested in our opiate addiction treatments. Each plan is specifically-tailored to the severity of the drug addiction. The Ibogaine Clinic features conventional, advanced and deluxe treatment plans. All plans have a basic, but comprehensive set of inclusions, with every step up providing an even more in-depth addiction treatment. Rest assured,  you can also count on our expert team to help you tackle the physical, emotional and mental parts of your opiate addiction.

Watch Executive Director David Dardashti explain how he can help you fight your opiate addiction.

Most doctors say that these withdrawals are always a part of recovery, but we believe otherwise. Our ibogaine treatment for opiate addiction won’t make you go through the excruciating process of opiod withdrawal.

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