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For years, ibogaine has been used to treat people with various drug addictions from Suboxone to heroin and other opioids. But these days, this natural substance from West Africa has shown promise in the treatment of other diseases, including Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and Parkinson’s. So it’s not surprising to learn that ibogaine can also help people suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

PTSD is a mental health issue that can strike anyone that’s experienced an extreme or life-threatening event, from combat to sexual assault. Even experiencing a natural disaster or car accident can lead to PTSD. It’s an event that’s so traumatic, that the mind and body can’t let go of the memory or heal. Among individuals most commonly affected, are our nation’s servicemen and women. They tend to relive their battles through flashback and nightmares.

PTSD is traditionally dealt with through medication and long-term cognitive behavioral therapy to change how people view their trauma. But at the Ibogaine Clinic, we treat PTSD the alternative and more holistic way, through pure ibogaine hydrochloride. By helping your brain receptors to reset themselves, ibogaine helps balance serotonin and dopamine levels, in order to deal with the depression that comes from trauma. An ibogaine treatment for PTSD also encourages introspection, allowing people to revisit their trauma, understand it on a more subconscious level and face it head on.

Executive Program Director David Dardashti has documented cases and videos from soldiers testifying that ibogaine worked for them. Through the various phases of an ibogaine treatment, PTSD sufferers tap into deep healing, one that reaches the farthest places of the psyche in order to deal with their trauma. At the Ibogaine Clinic, our medically-supervised ibogaine treatment protocol is designed to get your PTSD out of your system.

Treat Your PTSD


If you or a loved one suffers from PTSD, please note our Basic Ibogaine Treatment package includes everything needed for trauma recovery. So you can expect your transportation from airport, up to one week’s say in our resort-like facility just an hour away from Cancun, Mexico, as well as healthy meals and more. Spiritual guidance and medication should you need it, are also provided. For more details, click on Ibogaine Basic Treatment.

Should your individual case of post traumatic stress disorder require a longer stay, the Advanced Ibogaine Treatment is for you. The stay is for up to 10 days, with a secondary booster treatment, two additional psychotherapy sessions among other benefits. When PTSD isn’t the only condition a patient is challenged with, the Ibogaine Clinic requires a longer stay to take care of all encompassing ailments such as an opioid addiction. Relying on prescription medication for PTSD at times leads to an addiction, which can be also be treated with ibogaine.

Our Deluxe Ibogaine Treatment Plan is even more thorough, with a private room six additional therapy sessions of your choice. Our medical staff wants to make sure you’re set up for best and most positive outcomes.

Understanding PTSD

Many people don’t understand the complexities of post traumatic stress disorder. Though sufferers may mentally block the actual traumatic event, panic attacks, flashbacks, sleep disturbance, anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behaviors can still take place. PTSD is triggered when the brain can’t accept an event, and blocks it out. Even if the issue isn’t consciously remembered, the brain is still trying to work through the traumatic event. Aside from symptoms, PTSD can lead to other problems such as feelings of hopelessness, chronic depression, physical pain, drug addiction and even interpersonal relationship issues such as divorce.

For more details on treating your post traumatic stress disorder the more natural, holistic way, call 1.888.462.1164 for an ibogaine treatment for PTSD.

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