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Ibogaine Wellbeing


Tailored Ibogaine treatment can help an individual reach a level of consciousness that is hard to reach without spiritual guidance.

As with other naturally occurring substances (probably even to a greater degree) individuals have reported the Ibogaine experience as being “the most personally meaningful and spiritually significant of their lives”[1].

Why is such a state of mind important to you and how can you benefit from it? According to the WHO Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease[2], and wellbeing is defined as being happy, healthy, or prosperous.

So we can see that both terms wellbeing and health are very interconnected and have happiness embedded as a core concept.  Moreover, it is a fact, that people who were exposed to psychological stress early in life are at greater risk of vascular disease, autoimmune disorders, and premature mortality.[3]

A tailored Ibogaine experience has shown the potential to spiritually heal and give individuals extra coping mechanisms, facilitating the process of recovery from such diseases as PTSD.[4]

All different types of persons, even the ones who do not meet the criteria for PTSD and are living a “normal life” were exposed to a certain amount of stress during early life and are being exposed to stress on an everyday basis.[5][6]

The unique Ibogaine experience can change the course of psychological stress-related damage and prevent chronic diseases of aging.

Ibogaine has also the power to boost the antioxidative system of the body[7] rejuvenating the cells at a physical level. This makes Ibogaine a very powerful anti-aging agent[8] and patients have shown immediate improvement on the skin.

A tailored Ibogaine treatment will help you live a better life and find happiness, also thru the enhanced mindfulness that you will acquire it will act as a stress reduction agent[9] not only giving you a better quality of life but in the process probably prolong it.

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