Ibogaine West Virginia

Although many larger states suffer higher casualties from the opiate epidemic. They have a much larger population. A state such as California may suffer more casualties, however, the population is the highest in the country with over 38 million people. West Virginia, on the other hand, has  a population of less than two million and has suffered a far larger number of deaths per capita. 

These unfortunate events have a lot to do with pandemic. Not only are we losing fellow Americans to the covid pandemic, but we are losing Americans to the drug epidemic as well. These unfortunate events have left many broken homes, yet a solution exists that many people refuse to endorse. Refuse because of the sole purpose of commodities.

Ibogaine is not only illegal in The United States but more and more people are attempting to stop the most effective solution to opiate addiction at all costs. Our clinic for years has tried our best to cater to those in need, yet this can be difficult when there is no insurance to help out.

Our ibogaine treatment center continues to strive greater than it ever has in the past. In doing so, we offer promises of hope to those who have tried every other means possible to achieve a life free from addiction. As long as there’s hope for a brighter tomorrow we will continue to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves. A shining light of hope still exists in these shallow times.



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