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In today’s world, our bodies and minds are bombarded with continuous noise. Hit from every direction, our senses are overwhelmed and polluted with it. This starts with people consuming mass media and processed food early in life and continues with them hearing negative messaging beliefs into adulthood. What is the end result? It is the misalignment of the mind and body. Unwanted forces cause stress, anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, as well as other neurological and physical illnesses. For many people, the road to healthy living is complicated by the dissemination of poor information when it comes to mental health, diet, exercise, and natural healing. All of the pessimistic messaging makes the journey to living your best life appear daunting.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

After 15 years of research and healing nearly 8,000 individuals, David Dardashti’s ibogaine treatment — known as the Neuro Stimulous Technique — has served as a catalyst for change in thousands of lives. Simply put, the technique offers a deep healing experience that works in two parts: first, by triggering the central nervous system to signal healing in the body; and second, through a deep perceptual experience that helps individuals address negative thought patterns and past traumas via a journey into the subconscious mind.

To achieve a positive outcome, David, along with his medical team, identify root causes. This approach allows the team to create individualized protocols using pure ibogaine. Whether you’re dealing with anxiety, depression, PTSD, addiction or you wish to detox from short or long-acting opioids, our team can bring mind, body, and spirit back into harmony with an ibogaine treatment individualized for you.

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Ibogaine is a plant-based substance extracted from the iboga shrub, which originates in Africa. In the 20th century, ibogaine became a popular detoxification option for opioid addiction. Not only can pure ibogaine help bypass the worst withdrawal effects, but it is also superior to conventional detox methods. Today, customized treatments are useful for other maladies, including PTSD, depression, anxiety, executive burnout, and some neurological disorders. Through the development of individualized treatments for such applications — and because of his drive and passion for this natural substance — David Dardashti’s name has become increasingly synonymous with ibogaine.

It’s no secret our bodies are constantly exposed to stress. For most, misalignment of the body starts at a young age with processed foods, media outlets, and cocaine like-drugs such as ADHD medications. This can lead to abuse, addiction, mental health challenges, and other complications. David Dardashti’s custom ibogaine process is the gold standard solution for realignment. Through a perceptual experience that elucidates truth and lies from within, ibogaine pulls back the blanket of “brainwashing” and relieves stress. Whether it’s the stress of addiction or simply the burdens of daily life, a calculated ibogaine treatment protocol opens the mind to understanding and releases us of non-serving beliefs and behaviors. It also enables the implementation of healthy stress coping skills, mechanisms, and behaviors, while delivering a physiological healing effect. And that can transform your mind, body, and soul for the long haul.


Ibogaine is one of twelve alkaloids found in the Tabernanthe iboga plant native to Central West Africa. Just as a coconut’s milk contains a high concentration of nutrients, the same is true of the iboga’s most powerful alkaloid: pure ibogaine comes from the plant’s root bark. In fact, it takes roughly 2,000 pounds of processed iboga to yield 2.2 pounds or one kilogram of ibogaine. Less pure parts of the iboga shrub are used for ceremonial purposes and psychedelic experimentation around the world. Meanwhile, pure ibogaine is safer and offers an opportunity to learn healthy habits through its perceptual properties.


According to one legend, a shaman brought a porcupine home for dinner, and his wife cooked the quilled rodent. Upon consumption, the shaman entered into a lucid experience of self-discovery. Unlike a “bookmarked” psychedelic experience, ibogaine offers a perceptual experience that heals from within — while working over a longer period of time.

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Medical scholars of centuries past understood the ability to heal from within, to heal through the body’s natural processes, and to address the root cause. Greek philosophers such as Gallienus and Aristotle, along with 12th and 15th-century scholars like Maimonides, Nahmanides, Hippocrates, and Sforno believed in this natural approach.

Today’s medical literature documents how inflammation and autoimmune disorders can be treated by focusing on the immune system and realigning the body’s electrical processes. It’s what medical scholars of past centuries understood. It’s what ibogaine achieves. At some point, society lost this understanding of addressing the root cause and started treating symptoms with prescriptions instead.


Ibogaine comes from Central West Africa. There, nearly 2 – 3 million members of the Bwiti tradition ritualistically induce an altered perceptual state with the iboga shrub. Bwiti spiritual practice includes elements of ancestor worship, animism, and Christianity. While Bwiti is found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Cameroon, Gabon and its Bantu population are responsible for the development of this important spiritual tradition. Today, Bwiti is one of three official religions in Gabon. Pygmy populations also partake in the spiritual tradition.


The Tabernanthe iboga plant grows in tropical rainforest environments among other flora, fungi, and fauna. In optimal conditions, iboga shrubs flourish in composted semi-dry soil with shade. Iboga plant leaves are dark green, while roots are yellow in pigmentation. The shrub bears small fruit orange and yellow in color.

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Ibogaine is processed through the liver. Once processed, ibogaine is converted into noribogaine. It is the noribogaine that remains (120 days or more) temporarily in the human body and triggers healing. It is during this brief period that the mind and body have the opportunity to reclaim healthy living.


Once ibogaine is converted to noribogaine, it heals the body through a complex realignment process. In short, this realignment occurs in two parts: first, by triggering the central nervous system to signal the body to awaken and begin healing itself; and second, by delving into the subconscious mind.


Many describe a custom ibogaine treatment as a perceptual one that enables “transcension of the ego.” Inside the subconscious, you understand positive and negative emotions, beliefs and behaviors, traumas, guilt, resentment, and hatred — true sources of illness and disease. Ibogaine allows you to let go of psychological poison and align your actions with health, wellness, and mindful values.


At the same time, ibogaine triggers the central nervous system through the spinal cord. During this process, precise electrical impulses are sent to the brain and spread to the rest of the body. Ibogaine has been proven to re-establish the vital connection between brain and body and return this complex machine to an optimal state of well-being.


Brain and body are disconnected from early childhood programming, especially when it comes to propaganda, food, and drugs. The confusion is exacerbated by mass media, persistent noise pollution, electrical buzzing, radio, TV, and smartphones. This constant blare causes misalignment and keeps us in a sustained state of fight, flight, and freeze. As a result, our bodies are faced with stress, inflammation, and illness.


Whether it’s ibogaine for anxiety or addiction, there are three phases to our treatment:

The first step to your experience is preparation. During this important phase, it is of vital importance to avoid shocking the body by going into withdrawal or a stressed state. Similar to a yoga or meditation practice, it is important to set an intention in order to visualize your success with recovery. It is during this phase where you begin documenting your experience with the peaceful success envisioned in your mind’s eye. PHASE 2: DAVID DARDASHTI IBOGAINE TREATMENT
The second phase is the ibogaine treatment. Our carefully engineered process detoxifies and realigns the mind, body, and spirit. It is during this phase where individuals receive this natural substance and begin relearning essential habits to healthy living. PHASE 3: AFTERCARE AT OUR FACILITY
After the treatment phase, our holistic approach continues with massage, acupuncture, and soothing therapies to flush out toxins and return your body to its healthy, natural state.


Anxiety and loss of sleep are the primary side effects to consider with your ibogaine treatment. The good news is anxiety and sleeplessness are manageable with the right balance of exercise, diet, supplementation, socialization, and medical guidance from trained professionals.

For many, anxiety is something like a default setting. Anxiety can be reduced with exercise, meditation, talk therapy, and journaling to clarify feelings. This is all part of our natural approach to healing. LOSS OF SLEEP AND IBOGAINE
Trouble with sleep is sometimes reported as a side effect of ibogaine. After 30 days, expect normal sleeping rhythms to return.


The primary difference is that iboga is a plant and ibogaine is the alkaloid extracted from the iboga root bark. Just as the milk of coconut offers the highest concentration of nutrients, so does the ibogaine found in the iboga plant root.


For those struggling with heroin and opioid addiction, Suboxone, which is a buprenorphine drug, can provide temporary relief. The problem with Suboxone is that it can have negative effects, making it an unfavorable solution for long term sobriety and health. Some side effects of Suboxone include nausea, itching, and drowsiness. When the use of Suboxone stops, that’s when the withdrawal symptoms start.

The good news is our carefully engineered treatments are designed to help you detoxify your mind, body, and soul from Suboxone with minimal withdrawal and cravings. Pure ibogaine works wonders for Suboxone. The moment you step foot in our facility, your journey to healthy living begins.


Since Ibogaine’s chemical makeup resembles serotonin, clients feel an overall sense of wellbeing when the alkaloid is administered. Ibogaine also balances dopamine levels restoring much of the chemical imbalance that is caused by substance abuse and addiction. When it comes to drug addiction, withdrawal may seem like an impossible weight to bear. The good news is ibogaine’s natural detoxifying properties can significantly reduce withdrawal when it comes to opioid addiction. This means the transition from addiction to sobriety is manageable with a treatment customized for you.

Additionally, ibogaine influences the brain to release additional chemicals that are called neurotrophic factors. Neurotrophins are tiny molecules that play a very large role in the neural regeneration and regulation and development of the Central Nervous System (CNS). The US National Library of Medicine reports, “The use of neurotrophic factors as therapeutic agents is a novel strategy for restoring and maintaining neuronal functioning…” Neurotrophic factors help to repair the nervous system which was terribly damaged by drug use.

Remember: each physiological makeup is unique. It is for this reason that our staff of doctors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and medical professionals assess and understand your complete health picture prior to designing your unique ibogaine protocol.


No, ibogaine does not contain dimethyltryptamine, a psychoactive drug also known as DMT.

The main difference to consider when it comes to distinctions between ibogaine and DMT is that DMT is often described as a “bookmarked experience,” whereas ibogaine leaves a lasting effect.


Over time, a total breakdown of the immune system, along with electrical dysfunction between brain and body, can lead to a variety of neurological and physical illnesses. This is a misalignment of the human body. Whether you’re struggling with anxiety, depression, PTSD, or addiction to heroin, OxyCodone, or Suboxone, our ibogaine treatment facility offers every amenity needed for recovery. Finally, you can reduce stress with a sustainable health solution that creates order from chaos. Ibogaine gives you the freedom once again to experience emotions, reconnect with family, friends, and experience life on a whole new level.

Your search for a sustainable solution ends here. Misalignment ends here. Healthy living begins now. Call Today 1-800-818-4511


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