The success of ibogaine treatment is essentially 100% but this does not mean that your outcome could be derailed if you are not careful.

We tell all of our patients that failure to follow our guidance, and failure to actively seek a new way of life after treatment, could derail the recovery and healing efforts. We want you to be successful in your recovery, whether you are healing from addiction to drugs or alcohol, or you are recovering from a disease or illness. Throughout the ibogaine treatment process, we stand by you and offer guidance and support to encourage the best chance for recovery success.

Ibogaine Treatment Success Rate for Addiction Treatment

Patients that are addicted to drugs or alcohol must go through serious trauma and deeply negative events before they finally throw in the towel and walk away from the stronghold of drugs or alcohol. Sadly, those who have not suffered enough are generally the ones that turn back to the drugs that cause them so much undue harm.

The success that you experience following ibogaine treatment for your addiction is largely dependent on your desire to STAY sober. We get you past any physical stronghold of the substance so that you are no longer addicted physically, and we begin the mind healing process so that you are psychologically well, but it is up to you to remain clean.

When you return home, we encourage you to actively participate in a 12-step program or similar support group so that you can build a network of friends who are also in recovery. This is how you will remain sober once you are placed back into your “old” lifestyle. In fact, failure to change your habits, your friends, and the things you do will most certainly lead you back to thinking you can use “just one more time” and that one time will most certainly lead to two or three or infinity.

If you take our advice, and you seek support following ibogaine treatment, your chances of success in recovery are 100%. You are no longer addicted, not physically or psychologically. All you have to do now is stay away from the drugs or the alcohol that got you addicted, to begin with…your perception should help you to do that.


While you can’t stay away from disease because it is an internal problem, you can stay away from unhealthy eating and poor habits such as being in an environment that is likely to make you sick. Your success rate following ibogaine treatment for the disease is varied based on your unique situation and on other factors such as what you are suffering from and whether you change lifestyle habits along the way.

Patients that make the profound decision to change their lifestyle completely following ibogaine treatment have the greatest success in recovery—no matter what they are recovering from. 


Many factors can influence your success following ibogaine treatment. Where you live, who you live with, what you do for a living—all of these factors can create stress in your life and may trigger other problems within both your mind and your body. Below are some changes that you can make to influence the positive outcome and the great success of your ibogaine treatment”

  • Stay away from people who abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Avoid situations where drugs or alcohol are present.
  • Move away from the place where you experienced trauma, negativity, or addiction.
  • Make new friends from a fellowship group such as AA, NA, or a support group.
  • Seek lifestyle habits that are healthy—this includes eating healthy and taking part in a regular exercise routine.
  • Seek a hobby that will occupy your mind and your body. Things like sports, crafts or similar hobbies can be healing and influential to your recovery success.


Ibogaine treatment success rates vary from one treatment facility to the next and from one patient to the next. Our facility sees most clients experience 100% success with their ibogaine treatment as long as they follow our guidelines. If you have questions about the ibogaine treatment process or what to expect, we welcome your call to 1-800-818-4511.

To find out if ibogaine will work for you, consider the following conditions that our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic can treat:

  • Addiction to long-acting opiates such as Subutex, Methadone, or Suboxone
  • Addiction to short-acting opiates such as Percocet, hydrocodone, oxycodone
  • Parkinson’s
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • PTSD

To begin the healing process of ibogaine, give us a call to schedule your treatment. Our caring staff is ready to assist you.

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