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Ibogaine Videos


Substance abuse in many different forms is a problem that hits a lot of people and from all walks of life. If this describes you or a loved one or friend, then you may find the answer you are looking for in our Ibogaine videos.

These videos are going to introduce you to Ibogainewhich is an investigational drug that is being used by professionals to help those that have formed some type of addiction. This drug may have the ability to help the addict to withdraw from their drug of choice without the unpleasant side effects of pain or withdrawal.

The Voice Behind Ibogaine:

David Dardashti is the founder of the David Dardashti Research Center and Wellness. He has such a strong belief in the ability of Ibogaine being a viable solution for the drug addict that he has devoted much of his life to helping those who have lost their hope of becoming clean from their drug of choice


Inspiration is a big factor in enticing the drug addict to seek out help. The testimonies that you will hear in the Ibogaine treatment experiences, will clearly give you the hope that there truly is a solution that really works. It is one thing to hear those that have never experienced the horrors of drug addiction to promote treatment, but it holds a lot more credence when you hear it from others that have been there done that.

The perfect Ibogaine atmosphere:

Just watching the facility video where the Ibogaine treatment program is carried out will lift your spirits in knowing that your healing is going to take place in a setting that will not only offer you the ultimate comfort but peace of mind, body, and soul.


These videos about Ibogaine treatment are the core of what helps Ibogaine treatments to be successful. Our additional videos are comprised of educational and informative materials to give you a greater understanding of why making the choice for Ibogaine is the right one. The scientific videos will alleviate your concerns about this being an investigational drug and why it is able to perform in freeing the drug addict from their addiction. Hopefully, you will soon discover the answer to your addiction problem in our Ibogaine treatment videos.

There Are More Benefits to Ibogaine:

While the main focus of this drug’s primary use is for assisting in drug rehabilitation it is fast gaining a reputation for greatly assisting with the symptoms of many other types of mental and physical issues, like….

Alzheimer’s….PTSD….Trauma….Depression….Bipolar Disorders….Migraines….anti-aging…General Well Being.

Be sure to watch the related Ibogaine videos concerning each of these, as you will be impressed and perhaps will find the help you are looking for related to any of these conditions, enjoy!

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