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Jewish Drug And Alcohol Rehabilitation


Ibogaine is a naturally occurring alkaloid from the African Iboga plant used extensively for its psychoactive properties in drug and alcohol withdrawal rehabilitation facilities. The Iboga plant has been revered for its spiritual healing powers among the African tribes that honor it. Traditionally, the root of the Iboga plant is pounded and macerated and given to spiritually afflicted individuals where there is an observable improvement in the behavior and spiritual state of the patient after regular intake of the root concoction.

The root is so sacred in traditional African culture requiring Ashantis and shamans to invoke spiritual passage before the root is harvested.


In modern medicine, the Iboga plant root is purified into a medical grade drug known as Ibogaine hydrochloride (Ibogaine HCl) representing at least 12 alkaloids of Ibogaine. Ibogaine treatment is clinically used to treat drug addiction and alcohol withdrawal symptoms. It is also beneficial to patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and major depression. Medical drug rehab facilities only focus on the therapeutic side of Ibogaine detox and therapy but fail to identify the root cause of the affliction of why the patient resorts to substance abuse. As an effect, Ibogaine treatment may subsequently fail because re-emerging patients from a drug rehab will be re-exposed to the original stressor and may again resort to substance abuse to escape the painful reality.

At Ibogaine clinic with David Dardashti as medical director, drug dependent patients, and substance abusers are directed into a holistic realm of treatment using the traditional Jewish drug rehab approach to each patient. The Ibogaine clinic has two basic phases in Ibogaine detox: First, The substance control using Ibogaine alkaloid from the root bark specifically from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant; and, secondly, the spiritual phase where patients are brought back to their pre-abuse states and spiritually re-enforced to face their fears in the orthodox rehab sense of Jewish tradition.

Holistic kosher drug rehab

The substance control phase focuses on using the most potent and purest source of Ibogaine alkaloid from the root bark of the Tabernanthe Iboga plant compared to the commercial Ibogaine HCl which introduces 12 different alkaloids. A customized treatment plan and Ibogaine treatment dosage for each individual will promise a better outcome from substance dependency. This will therapeutically reset the imbalance of the dopaminergic receptors of the brain back to its pre-abuse state.

Observance of Jewish religious practices

The spiritual control phase also makes use of the Chabad drug rehab principles that view drug and substance abuse as a deeper problem making use of psychological therapy and the Twelve Step Model that unearths the underlying causes of the dependence. Participants are also enjoined to partake in a full kosher meal regimen to implement a holist kosher drug rehab methodology. The Kabbalah warrants that the consumption of kosher foods uplifts the spirit and re-directs the spirit to the right path of life.

A combination of kosher detox and spiritual guidance in accordance with the laws of the Talmud and Kabbalah ensures the patient’s full recovery and strengthens them to face any stressors that may persuade them back to substance dependence. The clinic also practices the Shabbat day of Jewish worship where orthodox Jews may resume their religious practices within the facility with rabbinic guidance, making the Jewish detox experience holistic in body and spirit.

Advances in Ibogaine research have reached higher thresholds on total healing. The role of Jewish drug rehab in Ibogaine treatment is quite monumental and has truly represented the next step in the evolution of the science of drug rehabilitation.

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