Ibogaine For Kratom Addiction

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Kratom is a relatively new drug that is sold over the counter.


The primary source of purchase for this drug are headshops that sell smoking and marijuana accessories. The legality and cost-effectiveness of the drug make it an easy gateway towards addiction. While it has been banned in some states, it remains legal in the United States and people can purchase it online. Of course, the question many are asking is what exactly is Kratom? What dangers may it entail and what cost?

Kratom is a natural herb that typically comes from China. While it may not officially be considered an opiate, it does work on the same receptors as opiates do. This makes the drug highly addictive and difficult to come off. Over time the user begins to develop a tolerance and the person must consume larger quantities to obtain the same effects. Once the person stops consuming the drug, withdrawal symptoms begin to occur. It is at this time that the person must properly detox to avoid becoming sick, just as they would with any other type of opiate. In addition to this, consuming large quantities of the drug can produce dangerous side effects that can jeopardize a person’s health.

Some of these conditions include respiratory problems and dry mouth. It is also stated that consuming large quantities can have a negative impact on the liver. It can also cause complications involving a person’s digestive system. It can cause issues such as constipation and vomiting.

In addition to physical complications, the drug can have serious effects on one’s mental health. It can cause agitation and even lead the person to begin to hallucinate.  The drug is relatively new, and research continues to pose new dangers for the drug.

Many people use Kratom to escape painful withdrawal symptoms from Suboxone, Subutex, and Methadone. Maintenance drugs that keep people on opiates for long periods of time. Of course, the person now becomes addicted to Kratom and continues to be stuck in the clutches of addiction.

Ibogaine By David Dardashti continues to progress and help people detox off new drugs in the most effective way possible. Our ibogaine clinic is a one-time treatment and people leave here drug and alcohol-free. We are currently learning about new dangers in the world of addiction, finding solutions to lead those struggling to a brighter tomorrow.


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