Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone is a purely synthetic, long-acting opiate, used to help people detox off drugs such as heroin and oxycontin.

It is the longest acting opiate, producing effects, lasting up to thirty-six hours. The true nature of this dangerous drug is an even more crucial and painful physical dependence than heroin, causing so much pain that the addict many times will switch back to shorter-acting opiates such as heroin and oxycontin, to have an easier detox process and become free.

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Methadone had been the conventional approach to detox for many years. It may help alleviate some symptoms of withdrawal if taken for the proper amount of time, however, the addict is still going to experience pain, since they now must come off the methadone. Yes, it is an opiate as well and can cause even more severe withdrawal symptoms. It must be carefully administered.

Methadone maintenance programs keep people on these drugs for long periods of time, with the intent of keeping these drug addicts from seeking short-acting opiates on the streets. This prevents addicts from living a life free from addiction. The best solution is a pain-free detox. Does such a thing exist?

Ibogaine hydrochloride is a non-opioid based medicine that cures the addict of all acute and post-acute withdrawal symptoms. In addition to this, it eliminates all chemical imbalances and memory problems associated with the abuse of the opiates. It is a one-time treatment and continues to uplift one’s mood for several months after.



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