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Ibogaine: A Natural Medicine

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Ibogaine, a natural medicine

One of the greatest concerns of the world today is living a healthy lifestyle. People seek feelings of adequate health: physically, mentally, and emotionally. There are some basic means to achieve these things, such as proper diet, regular exercise, and healthy sleep patterns. Sometimes, however, the solution to a person’s overall health and wellness requires outside health. Seeing a specialist can be very effective. The question is whether this person will provide the most effective solution possible. The dangers of artificially based remedies have proven to have more hazardous side effects associated with them than natural remedies. Despite this, there is less research being done on plant-based solutions, than factory-made substances. Why is this so?

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A simple suggested answer would be that the pharmaceutical engineers have precise knowledge of the chemicals being used in these substances. After all, they are the ones making it. Something that mother nature provides mankind requires more thorough extraction of the components of the remedy. Even though the side effects of these remedies may be significantly less detrimental than chemical engineered solutions, research is necessary before we can present them to the public. Of course, it may take a lot more time and money to discover any possible side effects, associated with natural medicine. Therefore, it is less likely that pharmaceutical manufacturers would engage in the necessary research for these plant-based remedies.

A more tragic truth involves the effectiveness of these natural remedies, in contrast, to the ineffectiveness of chemically manufactured drugs. How can this be so? Why would people want to advocate something that is less likely to help people? Why would somebody want to take time to pose the dangers of natural remedies, even though the risks are more minimal? The answer lies in the true motivation of these industries, commodities. Less effective drugs are more likely to be profitable. How is this so?

The more effective a medication is the less the person needs to be kept on it. This may be great for the person, but the providers are not interested in that. The more ineffective a drug is, the more time the person will need to continue taking it. In addition to this, the ineffectiveness of certain factory-made drugs gives pharmaceutical companies the ability to increase their profits by continuing to create new medications for people to try. Why does the United States government not get involved with this?

During recent years, the biggest concern in Western civilization is the country’s economy.  The pharmaceutical companies generate a large sum of the nation’s gross domestic product. If they were to lose business, it may cause economic instability. What is an effective solution to this? The answer lies in the fact that many of the most prestigious minds of our time struggle with mental health problems. If we were to help these individuals with more effective remedies, they would help society at large. Innovative thinking will be engaged more thoroughly. This would allow the American economy to gain an even higher level of economic success. The need for the economic contributions of the pharmaceutical industries will begin to decline. This will ultimately lead to a better America.

As society continues to progress, we are granted the means to find better solutions to problems that could not be dealt with effectively, in the past. It is the responsibility of a true American citizen to speak up and explain what must be dealt with. Addressing a problem is only half the battle. Providing an effective solution to the problem is where the true challenge arises. In doing so our society will flourish to heights far beyond our wildest dreams!


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