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What is The Groundbreaking Ibogaine Neuro Stimulus Technique?

Embarking on a journey towards wellness is like joining a unique tribe. 

That’s precisely how we perceive your transition when you step through our doors in Playa del Carmen to experience the revolutionary Neuro Stimulus Technique and Ibogaine treatment. 

You’re not just our guest; you become a valued member of our wellness community. A community bound together by shared experiences and insights, all aimed at supporting each other in navigating the intricate maze of life.

Our team is dedicated to ensuring your comfort throughout the entire treatment process. 

From the moment of your arrival, we conduct an initial assessment and provide a comforting treatment to ease any discomfort, preparing you for an enhanced treatment experience. 

Depending on your arrival time, we initiate your medical and clinical assessment process, a key component in tailoring your treatment.

The Power of Personalized Treatment Protocol

We understand that each individual is unique, and so should be their treatment. David, our treatment pioneer, uses an individualized protocol for optimal results. 

Unlike the traditional approach that administers a high single dose of Ibogaine based on the individual’s weight, which can be strenuous to the system, our approach is more refined.

David refers to the traditional method as the “cookie-cutter method,” which often results in varied and less sustainable outcomes. But how exactly is our approach different? It lies in the innovative Neuro Stimulus Technique.

Understanding the Neuro Stimulus Technique

The Neuro Stimulus Technique is a fusion of natural healing modalities and one of Earth’s most potent plant-based anti-inflammatories, Ibogaine.

Derived from the iboga shrub, Ibogaine has been revered for centuries by indigenous West African tribes for its healing and spiritual properties. 

Though not yet mainstream, its restorative effects are recognized and endorsed by renowned individuals, including actress Gwyneth Paltrow, who in an interview with the New York Times hailed Ibogaine as “the next big thing in wellness.”

Our technique diverges from the high-dose approach. It involves administering a steady stream of high-quality Ibogaine (99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade) over a calculated timeframe. 

Depending on your assessment, this might entail 2 or 3 full treatment sessions, each lasting 6 to 8 hours. 

These sessions may be supplemented by lower doses called boosters to maintain a robust, steady stream of Ibogaine for the safest and optimal treatment outcomes.

The Potency of the Neuro Stimulus Technique

This treatment process allows Ibogaine to penetrate deeply into your body, healing effectively while facilitating a perceptual and restorative journey into your subconscious.

In addition to this, Ibogaine exhibits remarkable detoxification capabilities for short-acting and long-acting agonist opiates, establishing itself as a powerful alternative opiate detox method.

The Neuro Stimulus Technique, pioneered by David Dardashti, has already ushered in healing for thousands grappling with various mental, physical, and spiritual challenges. 

These include depression, anxiety, PTSD, various addictions, traumas, eating disorders, and more. 

It also finds applications in weight loss, executive burnout, spiritual insight, chakra alignment, and transformation of negative beliefs and behaviors.

The Journey Towards Transformation

The Neuro Stimulus Technique goes beyond treating symptoms. It uncovers the root cause of dysfunctions, adhering to our motto, “If you want to heal a problem, you must first reveal the source.” 

By identifying and treating these root causes, lasting healing can be achieved. Through this treatment, your body’s communication grid awakens, triggering self-healing, repairing, and realigning pathways. 

Simultaneously, Ibogaine enables access beyond the ego into the subconscious mind, presenting you with an opportunity to address and change non-serving belief systems, traumas, and personal unforgiveness.

Your Recovery and the Neuro Stimulus Technique

We believe in transformative change. With the Neuro Stimulus Technique, your mind is brought back to a state where beliefs and behaviors can be effectively addressed and changed. 

This “window of change or transformation period” lasts 120 days or longer, significantly shorter compared to other therapies. This method returns you to a state of balance, igniting a zeal for change where lasting transformation can begin.

So, are you ready to discover the source of your pain and how to change it into something that serves you better, fostering healing and well-being? 

Begin your inward journey of self-discovery and recovery with the Neuro Stimulus Technique. Your freedom awaits. Contact us today. The transformation begins here.

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