Neuro Stimulus Technique

Here is the process that differentiates us from everyone!

The moment you step foot in our door here in Playa del Carmen, you become our guest and one of our tribe. The tribe, you may ask? Yes, as a tribe. During and after your treatment, you now share an experience as unique as the Neuro Stimulus Technique and Ibogaine itself. Together we share our deep insights to support one another on this incredible journey called LIFE.

As our guest, your comfort throughout the entire treatment experience is of the most importance to us. So the moment you arrive, you are promptly assessed and provided an initial treatment to prevent any discomfort and to keep you as comfortable and relaxed as possible. Depending on your arrival, your medical and clinical assessment process begins in order to enhance your treatment experience.

Next, you and the team begin to review your medical results, for any physical ailments, substance use, traumas, or co-occurring factors — all which contribute to David’s individualization of your treatment protocol for optimal results.


No two individuals are alike, and that is why no two treatments are the same, ever. The reason why the Neuro Stimulus Technique is so effective begins with a treatment protocol specifically designed for you.

The traditional, more primitive approach administers a very high single dose of Ibogaine based solely on an individual’s weight. With an amount this great, the individual could be under for 25 sometimes 35 hours with Ibogaine that is not as pure as what we use at our facility. At times individuals would be unable to move and very uncomfortable because of how hard their system has to work to process an amount this great. David calls this the “cookie-cutter method,” resulting in varied, less sustainable outcomes.


“It is all about a steady stream of the highest quality Ibogaine.”

The NeuroStimulus Technique utilizes a variety of natural healing modalities coupled with one of the Earth’s most potent plant-based anti-inflammatories called Ibogaine. Ibogaine is one of the most medicinal of twelve alkaloids acquired from the iboga shrub, which has been used for centuries by indigenous West African tribes for healing and deep spiritual insight. Not yet in the mainstream, this treatment has been held in high esteem by a hand full of individuals who have experienced the medicinal and spiritual restoration this ancient plant brings to the table as alternative wellness treatments are concerned.

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The Neuro Stimulus Technique

Through years of research and the treatment of thousands of individuals, David’s effective protocols came to be what they are today. The secret to optimal therapy comes not from a single large dose of Ibogaine; however, it comes from a steady stream of the highest quality Ibogaine (99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade) over a calculated timeframe known as the Neuro Stimulus Technique. In easy-to-understand terms; following a deep medical and clinical assessment finely calculated doses of high-quality Ibogaine are then administered over an extended period of time. It’s all about the steady stream! Depending on your assessment, it could be 2 or 3 full treatment sessions, which last anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. Followed by lower doses in-between as needed call boosters to continue the robust, steady stream of Ibogaine for the safest and most optimal treatment outcomes. It is this process that allows the Ibogaine to make its way deep into your body to heal itself more effectively — simultaneously allowing you to enter beyond the ego (the curtain of the mind) through a perceptual and restorative journey into the subconscious.

Another powerful bonus presented by Ibogaine is its incredible detoxification potentiality from short-acting opiates and the new generation of long-acting agonist opiates. This alternative opiate detox method is the most powerful in clearing the receptors effectively with no withdrawals and no cravings.


Ibogaine by David Dardashti is the leader in this revolutionary process, which has brought healing to the lives of thousands who have struggled with many of life’s most challenging mental, physical, and spiritual hurdles. Such as Depression, anxiety, PTSD, overcoming addictions (drugs, gambling, sex, and more), various traumas, and eating disorders. As well as the following wellness applications: weight loss, executive burnout, spiritual insight, chakra alignment, and transformation of negative beliefs and non-serving behaviors. What makes this process stand out, even more, are A list actors such as Gwyneth Paltrow discuss the effectiveness of Ibogaine. She is quoted in an interview with the New York Times speaking about the medicinal component we use in the NeuroStimulus Technique, saying, “Ibogaine is the next big thing in wellness.” So what does that tell you? When this actress speaks, big things unfold. Amazingly enough, we are fortunate to have years of practice and experience behind us as we continue to explore this new frontier in alternative wellness therapies.

According to many studies, the first five years of a person’s life are crucial to the development and lifelong programming. Why is that? The only way to honestly describe what is taking place during this time is to look at the infant to school-aged child’s mind and equate it with something which resembles a moldable clay material. So for the first five years, this clay is being molded to internalize certain beliefs, thought process, and behaviors which become the underlying program for the remainder of his or her life. For many, these fundamental beliefs never change during one’s lifetime even when people try on their own to change and do not understand why life continues giving them the outcomes they want nothing more than to change.

For those who are willing to put in the effort in making lasting change to their beliefs, it is possible through various spiritual practices, coaching, therapies as well as support groups. However, for many, this is an avenue they do not choose because they believe “well, this is just the way it is always going to be, I was simply built this way.” Guess what. No, it does not always have to be that way. Transformation is possible!


Unlike traditional western medication, which primarily treats symptoms, the NeuroStimulus Technique helps to identify the root source or cause of a particular dysfunction in the body. Which is how we coined our motto “If you want to heal a problem, you must first reveal the source,” and only at the source will you find lasting healing. Believe it or not, but many problems or ailments we are confronted with stem from simple false beliefs or skewed outlooks on life, which we choose to hold on to. Only to be compounded by taking medications to treat symptoms and the enormous stress we endure daily trying to achieve “Insta Success.” How do you measure success then? This belief has come with much pain for so many. Until you uncover the root of the pain and address it, the issue can not be solved.


Throughout the treatment, a calculated protocol utilizing this ancient plant awakens and triggers the most sophisticated machine ever made by healing the root causes of mental and physical dysfunction. The moment the liver processes and converts the Ibogaine to noribogaine, two incredible functions begin taking place within the body and mind.

The first being your body’s communication grid (central nervous system) is awakened like never before. Impulses are sent across this interwoven superhighway triggering the body to begin healing itself as signals move along repairing and realigning pathways. An operation the body has been programmed to do correctly; however, due to all the outside forces of daily living, stress and poor diet have created a communication deficient and muddled, laying the foundation for dysfunction over time.

At the same moment, unlike any western treatment, Ibogaine grants access behind the egos curtain and into the depths of the subconscious mind. During this perceptual experience, one is presented with non-serving belief systems that have dictated unfavorable outcomes in your life, traumas, resentments, and personal unforgiveness that are all illness/dysfunction causing energies. For some, a new life direction takes shape or clarity about your current life journey. For everyone, the look within is different, and a correct method of processing the experience (with a therapist, coach, spiritual mentor, sponsor, etc…) and the method of integrating new serving beliefs and behaviors is incredibly important. Virtually a map for change and a crystal clear vision, understanding, and the willingness for change is now the essence of your transformation mentally, physically, and spiritually.


So why all of this explanation? Well, the NeuroStimulus Technique can bring the mind back to a malleable state, as discussed above, where false beliefs and behaviors can be addressed and changed much more straightforward than with any other method. Once the body has processed the plant-based component, it now remains in the body for 120 days or longer. At the Ibogaine by David Dardashti wellness center, we call this the “window of change or transformation period.” Some therapies can take years to see transformative change; however, by including the NeuroStimulus Technique to a proven wellness plan, the results take weeks, not years. There are no other treatments like this one that brings you back to a state of balance with a zeal for change where lasting transformation begins to take place. “If you transform the illness-causing belief, you transform your life.”

So ask yourself. Wouldn’t you like to discover where your pain comes from and how to change the belief to one that serves you and fosters a life full of healing and well being? Once you take the journey, inward, self-discovery begins, and it starts with you taking the first step toward your recovery. Freedom awaits, and it begins with the Neuro Stimulus Technique.




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