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New Data Archive Analyst at Ibogaine By David Dardashti

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Raz Fluxman, a specialist in Data Management, is set to join Ibogaine By David Dardashti in a professional capacity.

In his position, Raz will be in charge of managing and maintaining the company’s records and databases. His duties will include guaranteeing that all data is correctly documented and readily available for subsequent reference. He will also be assigned to analyze video testimonials from former patients who have received ibogaine treatments, and review medical records to understand the efficacy of the treatment.

Furthermore, Raz will be instrumental in overseeing the data for the firm’s forthcoming clinical trial. This will require collaboration with the research group to guarantee the precise collection and recording of all data, as well as interpreting the findings to offer meaningful insights into the effectiveness of ibogaine therapies. In essence, Raz’s contributions will be vital in aiding the company to enhance their understanding of the effects of their treatments and boost patient results.

David Dardashti, the founder of Ibogaine By David Dardashti, expressed, “We are delighted to have Raz join our team. His expertise, understanding, and enthusiasm for data management will be a tremendous resource for our organization.

His proficiency ensures that our clinical trial outcomes will be meticulously scrutinized and precisely interpreted. His background in data analysis, compilation, and presentation is comprehensive, encompassing both qualitative and quantitative data. This implies that he is fully prepared to manage a broad spectrum of data types and guarantee that our conclusions are not only dependable but also scientifically robust. His abilities will be priceless in guaranteeing that our research is carried out with the utmost accuracy and honesty, ultimately yielding credible and influential resu

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