We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.

One of the greatest fears among mankind in today’s world is to look deep within the confines of our heart and souls. People are constantly seeking external validation from others, to escape from introspection. Many romantic relationships of modern society revolve around people seeking comfort, by means of approval from a person of the opposite sex. People focus on making more money, becoming more physically fit, and expanding their social circles. They do so to feel more confident in themselves. Does this truly increase self-love?

Our superficial assets only slightly increase our confidence. They mostly inflate our egos. Most of the true self-love comes from loving our soul. Our assets can be taken away from us if God wishes, however, our soul always remains with us. The world itself attempts to get outside of itself. People are trying to get into outer space, when there are still mysteries within the earth itself, such as reaching the bottom of the ocean.


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