Prefrontal Cortex Treatment

david ibogaine 14

Early recovery can be a difficult process for many reasons.

david ibogaine 14

The main difficulty at hand is the person must learn to live life without the use of drugs. This can be difficult at first, as it takes the brain a lot more energy to do the things it is used to without using drugs to enhance and reward the person. The only way to overcome this phenomenon, of course, is to get in the habit of doing this, without the use of drugs. The person should be progressive towards this, however not in excess.

Many people relapse because they sit around and do not do anything, however a significant number of people relapse, from doing too much as well. In other words, a person should occupy their time with productive activities, however, be mindful of the fact that their brain is not yet working at optimal levels and therefore needs time for rest as well. The goal to accomplish is to train oneself in manners of balance in order to live a fulfilling sober life.


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