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Stress is prevalent these days, impacting our lives in many areas, from professional to personal and, of course, our health. From heart palpitations to sweaty palms to more serious conditions such as heart disease and strokes, stress is definitely to be avoided at all costs. Stress even shrinks the brain. Events such as divorce or job loss reduce gray matter in regions tied to emotional and physiological function, which can lead to psychiatric problems.

At the Ibogaine Clinic, one of the top ibogaine rehab centers, we know that living a calmer lifestyle is easier said than done. In fact, one of the major culprits, work, has been continuously winning the top spot for stressing people out. In fact, since 2007, the American Psychological Association has been finding that money (67%) and work (65%) are consistently the top reasons for stress. In 2015, family responsibilities became the third most common stressor, followed by health concerns. So how do you reduce your stress, in the hope of keeping a work-life balance and living a healthier lifestyle? Continue reading the Ibogaine Clinic’s top natural ways to quit stressing out:

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#1 Natural Way To Fight Stress: Deep Breathing

Most of us don’t breathe correctly, never really thinking about how we inhale or exhale. So we only use a third of our lungs when taking in oxygen, which can lead to health problems as well as feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, have low energy or even sleep poorly. We breathe about 20,000 times a day, assisting our nervous, muscular, digestive, cardiovascular and immune systems. About 70% of our toxins leave our body through breathing so it’s important it’s done right.

Deep breathing counteracts the effects of stress, slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. Just slowly inhale through your nose, feel the breath in your abdomen and work its ways up to your head. Reverse when exhaling through your mouth. Just imagine you’re inflating a balloon in your stomach and deflating it. If you’re tired all the time or yawning often, these symptoms can be due to incorrect breathing.

#2 Natural Way To Fight Stress: Being Present

At the Ibogaine Clinic, one of the top ibogaine rehab centers, many patients seeking an ibogaine treatment have common symptoms such as anxiety, stress, and depression, even though they may seek treatments for different reasons. A common theme among these individuals is that they don’t “live in the now.” They stress about the future, from a very near future such as tomorrow’s to-do list to a very far future such as their retirement plan. Stress and anxiety are highly connected to the fear of the unknown, but by living in the moment, or in the present alleviates some of that stress. So during the day, check in with yourself.

Keep your thoughts to what’s happening right now, and dive into any activity wholeheartedly and focused. If you’re doing the dishes, for example, feel the soap suds against your skin, smell the dish detergent, concentrate on cleaning plate by plate and try not to rush through it. Practice being present a few times a day until it becomes second nature.

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#3 Natural Way To Fight Stress: Be More Social

Human beings are social beings. We forget how important it is to belong to a community, interact with friends and seek the support of family. Stress and anxiety can become more severe if you pull away from loved ones or isolate yourself from your surroundings. A good conversation or enjoyable activity can work wonders on relaxing us and finding peace of mind. Even a phone call can change someone’s perspective or mood. So it’s important to reach out in times of need.


#4 Natural Way To Fight Stress: Decompressing

This technique allows you to create a mini spa moment from the comforts of your own home. Just wrap a warm towel or heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for about 10 minutes. Close your eyes and enjoy the soothing effect wash over your body. For those who work from home, this is a great way to create a break during a hectic schedule. Make a routine out of it for guaranteed relaxation daily.

#5 Natural Way To Fight Stress:  Ibogaine Detox Treatment

Finally, an ibogaine treatment can help ease stress and its toll on your body. This natural substance allows your body to reset itself by firing up your central nervous system in order to send signals to neurotransmitters and receptors in the brain so the body can heal itself.  For more information about our ibogaine rehab center, please call 1-888-462-1164.

Vision problems: Not seeing well or not understanding visual images can also be a symptom of Alzheimer’s. A person can have trouble reading, judging distances, processing colors or even contrast between them. These symptoms can lead to bigger problems, such as difficulty driving, following a recipe, going to the movies and more.

Misplacing things: More than just forgetting that keys were left in the car, people with Alzheimer’s tend to misplace items in unusual places such as finding a TV remote in the freezer. What makes it worse is that they typically can’t even retrace their steps to find the items. So if your loved one’s socks are now in the pantry, their shampoo in the refrigerator and their keys in the night table, you may want to take them to the doctor.

Poor judgment and inappropriate decisions: People with Alzheimer’s can have problems with making the right decisions or making them at all. For example, they may not pay attention to bathing themselves and keeping clean, they may decide to make poor decisions with their money, or even crossing the street at the wrong time. Dressing themselves up can also be an instance of inappropriate decision making, such as choosing to wear shorts on a snowy day in winter or showing up at a black-tie event in a Halloween costume.

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