Solomon’s Opiate And Heroin Detox Experience

Solomon overcomes opiate addiction after years of heroin use.

Find out how he made it through opiate detox, pain-free, no WITHDRAWAL. After snorting heroin for years, he experienced no withdrawal, no cravings during his ibogaine treatment. There is NO TEMPTATION.

It feels like hell. That is what most people would describe the withdrawals from opiates. Everything that begun as rainbows and butterflies, has now transformed into a dark oblivion. It is as if, a person has struck a deal with the mafia. They now, must return the favor. All hell breaks loose, once the detox begins. The brain becomes unstable as the substances that fueled false promises, are gradually withdrawn. The body loses control, as the withdrawal process begins to unfold.

It is described as the worst possible case of the flu. All the most debilitating symptoms, soon become apparent. It is as if the person is experiencing every sickness they have ever dealt with, all at once. The person may feel like they are dying, however they will certainly survive this. There is no chance of death, when it comes to opiate withdrawal. The physical withdrawal can, however, be unbearable at times.

During the detox, a person may experience various symptoms of withdrawal. It is common for them to sweat profusely and shiver uncontrollably. The digestive system becomes unstable, causing vomiting and diarrhea.   Their nose is running, and sneezes occur. There is pain throughout the entire body, in addition to restless legs and arms. Worst of all is the insomnia, since they cannot, at the very least sleep, through the pain. They are also experiencing intense feelings of anxiety, throughout this demonic process.

The pain of detox alone can delay a person’s desire to get clean. This must be considered, while we provide the most pain free detox available. There are many means to do so; the question is which means is the most effective?


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