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Stages of Recovery

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Stages of Recovery

Recovery from drugs can be broken down into various stages. It takes approximately two years for the recovery process to be finalized. During this time, a person must be actively seeking the means to provide for themselves an effective treatment. The harder the person works during this time, the more effective their recovery will be.

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The first stage is the drug detox stage. This stage is the most physically painful, however, it is not necessarily the hardest. It is during this stage that the person must solely focus on getting the drugs out of their system. Only after they fully detox, should the person decide what the next move is. This stage can take place anywhere from several days to several weeks.

The next stage is the rehabilitation phase. It is during this time that the individual must regain self-control, lost by the drugs creating an overly powerful reward system. During this time an individual should be slow and steady as far as life goals are concerned, as they need time to recover. This stage lasts after detox until about ninety days into recovery.

The next stage involves self-discovery. It is during this time that the individual must learn what their true passion in life is. It is during this phase that the person learns to recreate who they are, as well as make bigger life decisions. This stage lasts from about three to six months and in some ways is the hardest point of recovery.

The next stage is the stage of triumph. It is during this period that the individual continues to recover by engaging in bigger and better life challenges. It is only during this stage that the individual begins to uncover their true potential. This stage lasts from six months to about a year and is quite possibly, the most meaningful stage of recovery.

The last and final stage of recovery is the maintenance stage. The person continues to deal with life challenges and remain sober. This is the longest, taking up the entire second year of recovery.

At Ibogaine By David Dardashti, we do not oppose people entering rehab or joining twelve-step fellowships. We simply provide a means to help people feel well. Ibogaine is a kick-start to help enhance someone’s recovery.

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