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Step By Step Ibogaine Treatment Process


David Dardashti explains the do’s and don’ts for the complete treatment therapy of Ibogaine. In this video, he mentions the important requisite actions that make the treatment friendly. He emphasizes the proper and utmost care one must take even after the ibogaine treatment as it is also important for the complete recovery of the patient.

He says that before the treatment starts, one must get prepared and say the truth because that’s the foremost and primary step in order to get rid of the unhealthy ingest. He further adds that if you are not ready to accept the truth no one will know how to help you with the problem; even the best of medication and medical assistants would fail to rehabilitate you in any possible way. In order to properly treat a patient, the medical practitioners must know what kind of drug, how long, and in what mode the patient has been using it. Ultimately, when a patient comes for rehabilitation, the only thing making a difference is the thought process. He/she must realize that he/she is weary with the drugs and that it consciously is a complete mistake. All that it takes to be healed is the patient’s zeal; only then the treatment could be carried on with some expectable results.

Preparation before Ibogaine Treatment

Before the Ibogaine treatment, two hours are spent interviewing the patient in order to find out everything about him/her. Basically, it’s an inquiry of his/her journey with the drugs; it’s about how he /she got into drugs for the first time. All the patients have a different answer and as a result, their actual problem is often different. In most cases, depression attracts people towards drugs and they try to reroute their attention from their real issue through drugs. The first state they came in from heroin and land in a state of euphoria. But David makes it clear that this feeling of complete health and happiness through a drug is highly temporary and it causes serious issues of depression after a short period of time.

Now, we understand that the diversity of people coming over here to get helped also leads to a variety of treatment techniques that are being used. A lot of people come to David for their well being and besides, for removing the toxins of their bodies. What he offers is a completely new life and a lot of energy to those who are fully dependent on drugs. All the process depends on the way each person has been using opiates as well as the duration of the usage; it also includes other kinds of drugs a person might have used.

No Two Ibogaine experiences are the same

Another thing he wants to emphasize is that each patient gets a different experience. It merely depends on one’s perception towards life, his/her inner self, and sub-conscience. It’s more of knowing your own level of consciences and thereafter realizing the real perception of yourself. You are the one who decides to fix your life; the process just helps you to take the right direction.

After the overall treatment, there are many times that patients share their experiences, and meanwhile, they learn to discipline themselves to a complete rejection of any kind of crave, false temptation, or withdrawal symptoms. Of course, there are some precautionary measures but they are for their health and their protection.

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