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Subconscious Ibogaine Treatment

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Ibogaine is miraculous in the way that it completely opens up a person’s subconscious.

david ibogaine 2

It is as if they are playing a movie of their life in their head. It brings back issues from the past and reveals them in such a way that the person has never experienced it.

It is truly magical how a person truly views themselves. It is as if all the issues in a person’s life becomes clear to them. It makes them realize what truly has been bothering them. It reveals their fears from the future. It takes part bits and pieces of a person’s life and puts it together for them to see the big picture.

It allows a person to see who they truly are as human beings. It allows them to see their potential and how to go about achieving it. It makes their reality a lot clearer. It truly allows someone to get further in touch with their inner spirit.

The treatment is miraculous in the sense that it opens the subconscious in a way that makes a person feel as if they are in another dimension. They can enter this dimension and problem solve all the issues they are facing in life. It opens up new doors and windows of opportunity. It takes them to a place where they can resolve all these individual issues as see themselves as a complete entity.

The treatment reveals the truth. All the lies a person was living comes into contact with the person. They are able to visualize firsthand the way they have truly been living g their life. It brings them into contact with the people in their lives that are and were important to them. It takes a person to a place where their mind and body are separated from one another. It is truly miraculous how ibogaine brings a person into reality.

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