Ibogaine is a natural substance found in the Tabernanthe iboga plant, which grows in Central West Africa. Much like certain fruits or vegetables have nutritious qualities in some parts of the plant and not in others, and such is valid for the iboga bark as well. It takes an incredibly large quantity of Iboga to extract just a small amount of the world’s most powerful substance known as Ibogaine.

The utilization of Iboga in ancient practices dates back hundreds of years both for its medicinal and visionary experiences. Today in its pure state, Ibogaine offers promising hope to those who struggle with substance use disorder and help to overcome addiction. For many, Ibogaine is a life-saving substance that helps to fight the physical effects of addiction (withdrawal and craving) and rebalance the body for recovery and healing.


Ibogaine is NOT a drug. Contrary to what many hear, it is not hallucinogenic, and it does not produce psychedelic effects; however, the substance is perceptual. It allows the individual to peer behind the ego’s curtain into the subconscious mind — a place that can take numerous sessions of psychotherapy even to begin to uncover. Ibogaine is a single component or 1 of 12 that make up the Tabernanthe iboga root bark.

As David explains… “Ibogaine is a substance from Iboga. It takes roughly 2,000 pounds of Iboga to be processed down, resulting in 2.2 pounds or one kilogram of Ibogaine.” The other alkaloids of the Iboga are discarded and not used in medicinal Ibogaine treatment. Think for a moment of a coconut. If handed coconut, and asked to eat the entire coconut, would you? Of course not! You would drink the water or consume the flesh inside, but you would not eat the whole coconut, shell and all.

The same is true with Iboga. Only a small fraction of the substance, the Ibogaine, is used in treatment.



In low doses, Ibogaine can improve energy and reduce the fatigue that is often felt by those struggling with symptoms of drug or alcohol withdrawal. According to professionals that administer this powerful life-changing substance, there is no set dosage of Ibogaine that works the same with each person. Every person is as unique as the treatment itself and requires special attention to achieve optimal treatment outcomes.

At Ibogaine by David Dardashti, his team works closely with each person to individualize their treatment plan that incorporates Ibogaine and various other forms of therapy to provide a broad spectrum of care. Here, individuals begin to inspect their internal beliefs and past potential trauma or other experiences that may be at the root of the cause of their addiction. Often, getting to the cause of addiction itself is the critical factor in whether an individual fully recovers.

Traditional treatment for addiction to opiates, stimulants, or alcohol is often lacking in its ability to effectively guide the person to an understanding that whatever is in their past, that they keep dredging up, is right where it needs to be—in the past. With conventional psychotherapy, it may take numerous sessions or never achieve a place of self-forgiveness in a person’s mind. Thus continues the pattern of unhealthy drug and alcohol use to cope with unprocessed memories buried deep within the subconscious.

Ibogaine has also shown significant potential to help the body reset and produce healing benefits for conditions such as depression, anxiety, OCD, and other health conditions.



You may have heard things about Ibogaine that are untrue. Or perhaps you are considering ibogaine treatment, but you need that last little bit of understanding before you decide to enough is enough, and you are ready for change. Either way, Ibogaine could be a life-changing opportunity for you to regain control of your health.

Here’s how it works: When one part of your body, mind, or spirit is not functioning optimally, other parts start to fail. Ibogaine triggers the body to appropriately re-calibrate the neurological activities so that your entire body begins to work together—like a machine. Ibogaine can reset the body, renewing the system and cleansing toxins that otherwise cause pain, discomfort, and illness. Suddenly, all the parts begin working together again.

Neuroscience researchers confirm that Ibogaine can help addicts gain freedom from their addiction. Ibogaine allows the addict to face the triggers, trauma, or root cause of their addiction head-on, along with discovery into their subconscious thought processes that are behind their addictive behaviors.

Ibogaine can help those struggling with addiction to opiates such as Subutex or Suboxone, and short-acting opiates like heroin and painkillers. This treatment is ideal for those who have tried other methods, and maybe have lost hope—we don’t want you to lose hope, we want you to find hope in the recovery and healing properties that Ibogaine has to offer.


What if we said that taking Ibogaine would STOP painful withdrawal symptoms in their tracks. What if we told you that Ibogaine could halt cravings for opiates, alcohol, and other substances after just one treatment. Would you be willing to give Ibogaine a try?

Thousands of people have come to see David Dardashti with a willingness for change, or at their last bit of hope, to seek treatment. They have been to other centers. They have tried conventional therapies—and ALL have failed them. Many are afraid to come because they KNOW the pain they felt the “last time” they went to rehab, and they do NOT want to endure such pain ever again…

If this sounds like you, please call us at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to schedule a comprehensive assessment. For our greatest fear is that people just like YOU are lost to opioid addiction because they are too afraid to take one more chance at getting clean. See our testimonials for real-life accounts of the many men and women who have been healed by Ibogaine—and then give us a call so that you can begin your recovery journey.

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I love you all and can’t wait to reconnect with each and every one of you all. You helped me more than I could ever express in words. I am forever grateful for this change and experience.

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