Experiencing ibogaine for the first time may signal fear or other emotions if you’re not sure what to expect. We want to make sure you feel comfortable and that you fully understand what to expect when you come to our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic for help. Below we will outline the ibogaine experience to help you fully understand what you should expect when you get here to get treatment.


Ibogaine treatment is a very complex process that involves a wide range of emotions and many physical and psychological changes as you go through the treatment process. First, we look at the possible reasons to choose ibogaine treatment:

Depending on WHY you are seeking treatment, the actual emotions you experience during treatment could vary. Maybe you are seeking help because you are addicted to drugs and at the end of the line and don’t know where to turn or what to do. Maybe you have tried traditional therapies or medications for the treatment of a disease or mental illness and you are still suffering…all of these things are treated through the ibogaine experience.

Ibogaine works to lower the heart rate, induce a sense of calmness, and improve the chemical balance within the body and the brain. The powerful, yet unique properties of the ibogaine alkaloid work like no other chemical to attach to elements of the Central Nervous System and provoke the body to immediately begin repairing itself.


If you’re worried or just wondering what the treatment process will be like, we welcome you to call our helpline at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] anytime to ask questions. Below we outline the basic treatment process so that you have a better understanding of what to expect when you come to experience ibogaine treatment for the first time:


No! We want you to know that treatment or the ibogaine experience is NOT scary. There is nothing to be afraid of. Not only will your treatment be monitored by a team of medical professionals, but the experience is enlightening for those who are actively involved.

Although you may see or feel connected to the trauma or other deeply-rooted elements of your subconscious that are responsible for your negative thoughts or behaviors, the method in which you experience these thoughts is much different than what you may think. This period of perception is deeply healing, and it is very much the heart of the treatment process.

Once you see the subconscious perceptions and you experience the way that your mind is bringing up the memories that once caused problems in your life, you will then watch those negative patterns disappear out of your mind for good. This is the healing of the ibogaine experience. See for yourself what others have to say about their ibogaine treatment experience.


Following your treatment, we recommend you change your lifestyle and habits when you return home. If you were treated for addiction, it’s important to change your friend group and the surroundings that you are accustomed to so that you do not relapse. If you were treated for something other than addiction, we recommend you continue at home with a healthy meal and exercise plan to continue your wellness journey.

Support groups, fellowship groups, and family or friends are vital to the recovery process whether healing from illness or addiction. Most towns offer a wide range of support groups and fellowship opportunities for members of the community. We encourage you to actively participate in such groups so that you can continue to grow and heal.


Are you ready to experience ibogaine for the first time? Our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic will provide you the ultimate ibogaine experience. You can call our helpline to find out:

Have additional questions? Call [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location] to speak with an ibogaine treatment specialist. We are ready to accept your call any time.