Ibogaine Vs Iboga


Opiate addiction has swept through America and is spreading widely. People are dying and there’s little evidence that traditional treatment and therapy are effective. The world needs a cure, and many believe Ibogaine is the solution. However, it’s important to recognize that ibogaine and iboga are NOT the same. Iboga is the plant that ibogaine is derived from, similar to the way coconut juice is taken from the coconut. Alone the plant has minimal if any use—but when refined down, and stripped of the unnecessary compounds, Ibogaine can be separated from the Iboga and this becomes a highly powerful medicine that can produce lasting healing effects.


Iboga is a plant group that is found in the tropical forests of Gabon, Cameroon and the Republic of Congo. The Iboga shrub is a popular plant in Gabon where up to seven different varieties can be found. In Central West Africa where Tabernanthe Iboga grows, the plant is considered a sacred visionary medicine by locals. However, it’s important to note that Iboga, in its unrefined form, is NOT used for ibogaine treatment.

Our Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico uses only the finest quality Ibogaine for treatment. While there are actually three different substances derived from the Tabernanthe Iboga plant (iboga root bark, total alkaloid iboga extract, ibogaine), ONLY ibogaine is used in our treatment protocol.


Ibogaine hydrochloride is pharmaceutically produced from the Iboga plant. This is the substance that is used at our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic to help you recover from drug or alcohol dependence, trauma, neurological disorders, and depression. Ibogaine is just one of several alkaloids that could be extracted from the Iboga. When extracted, the Ibogaine has a potency of 99.9%.

Although you could technically get ibogaine out of Iboga bark if you were to chew up the plant, this is the equivalent of chewing up coconut or eating a banana whole. You don’t eat the whole coconut just to enjoy the juice, and you wouldn’t eat the banana, peel and all, just to enjoy the flesh; the same holds true for ibogaine. You simply would not consume the Iboga bark just to get the ibogaine. In fact, you would have to consume far too much bitter iboga bark to get the active ibogaine alkaloid at an effective treatment level, and in the process, you would become sick from the other alkaloids consumed.


Ibogaine is the ONLY alkaloid from the Iboga plant that should be used in the treatment of addiction, trauma, depression, and neurological disorders. In fact, various other alkaloids found in the plant are not only useless in the treatment of addiction, but they could also be quite dangerous if consumed. Therefore our Ibogaine Clinic provides only the purest, pharmaceutical grade ibogaine when treating guests.

Iboga, prior to being refined and having the ibogaine alkaloid extracted cannot possibly be administered in a safe manner. There would be no way for our doctors to know exactly how much Iboga to give and, providing iboga with all of the potentially dangerous alkaloids of the plant, would be unethical, unhealthy, and unhelpful.


The thought of recovery and no longer being a victim of addiction is enough to make anyone go through great lengths to get help—we realize how desperate you may feel at this time and how much you want to get past this time in your life. However, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IBOGAINE AT HOME!

There are several dangers to attempting ibogaine treatment without the supervision of a trained professional. Some of the risks include:

  • Complications arising from withdrawal that require immediate medical attention. If you are not being monitored by a medical professional, and a potentially serious side effect of withdrawal arises, who will help you?
  • Dangerous dosing levels could lead to overdose or underdosing. Overdose is self-explanatory, most know that overdose is dangerous no matter what substance you overdose on. However, underdosing may not be so simple to understand. If you do not have enough ibogaine administered during your treatment, you may feel harsh symptoms of withdrawal from the drugs that you are attempting to recover from. Only a trained ibogaine treatment professional can properly ascertain and administer the correct dose of ibogaine for your needs. EVERY patient is different. At our Ibogaine Clinic in Mexico, after your evaluation, a team of 15 doctors and specialists, and David Dardashti come together to define the treatment protocol that’s ideal for your situation—you can’t get this level of care at home!
  • Complications arising from the consumption of Ibogaine that is not pure, or the potential to consume something that isn’t ibogaine at all. We cannot stress enough about the DANGERS of purchasing drugs online. While there may seem to be limitless options to find substances such as ibogaine online, this does not in any way make is safe to do so. Please do not purchase prescription medication online as you cannot possibly know that you are getting a pure alkaloid in this manner.


Ibogaine is highly effective in the treatment of substance use disorder, specifically those addicted to powerful, long-acting opiates such as Suboxone or Methadone. What makes this alkaloid so powerful and effective? We believe the success in ibogaine therapy is rooted in the following benefits:

  • Ibogaine treatment eliminates physical cravings for toxic substances.
  • Ibogaine treatment prevents uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as tremors, vomiting, and pain. (these symptoms often prevent an addict from seeking help for fear of what withdrawal will be like)
  • Ibogainetriggers the central nervous system to awaken the neurotransmitters in the brain and the body and every organ and cell in it which in turn stimulates to reactivate. As a result, the body fixes itself, safely preparing you for long-term healing.
  • Ibogaine is not addictive. Unlike other forms of “treatment” that are offered for opiate addiction, ibogaine is a non-addictive alkaloid that has unique healing powers not found in any other substance to date.


Now that you know that iboga is potentially dangerous, ibogaine is highly effective, and there is a distinct pharmaceutical-grade syncretization process required to separate the two, how will you find an ibogaine clinic that can safely and effectively treat you? What steps should you take to ensure you are getting the help of a provider that offers PURE Ibogaine without the unnecessary or potentially dangerous alkaloids found in the rest of the Iboga?

We welcome you to call our Mexico Ibogaine Clinic at [mn_location loc=’1′] {tel} [/mn_location]  when you’re ready to get help. Our line is open to answer your questions and to help you better understand how Ibogaine therapy can assist in your recovery and healing. We look forward to shedding some light on what you may or may not have heard about ibogaine and most of all, we can’t wait to talk to you about the next steps of YOUR recovery process.


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