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Austin And Collin Ibogaine Experience

Austin and Collin share their Ibogaine treatment experience with David Dardashti. They received the Ibogaine flood dose as well as a couple booster doses. Here they share something "very important" Read More

Ibogaine Testimonial With Peter

Peter talks about his Ibogaine treatment with David Dardashti and friend Alan. Alan discusses how his depression caused great pain that resulted in him shifting to drugs to "get by." Read More

Truth About Post Ibogaine Treatment

Ever wondered what happens AFTER Ibogaine? What is life like after treatment? In this video David Dardashti talks with a past client about ibogaine treatment and what happens next. Here Read More

How To Detox With No Pain Or Withdrawal

Many believe that detoxification without pain or withdrawal is impossible--unheard of. David Dardashti speaks about Ibogaine treatment and the impact that this treatment has on those who are addicted to Read More