The Real Risks of Choosing the Wrong Ibogaine Facility

real risk ibogaine

As Ibogaine awareness has continued to grow in the past years, a number of facilities have also appeared in various parts of the world. Due to the costs of ibogaine, and the importance of the ibogaine extraction process and a focus on purity, it’s very rare that a facility could be considered ‘cheap’.

Anyone considering it knows that the investment can be seen as significant. Of course, we covered how the right treatment can be one of the least ‘costly’ things in a person’s life, in a previous article.

But one thing is choosing where to place your trust and money, always with the assumption that it will work. What if it doesn’t? What if the money is not only spent poorly, but causes you to have to continue searching for more (and more costly) solutions? The pain of saving and spending your money…only to have to do it again, however, is just one cost.

Here are some of the real additional costs (that have nothing to do with money) that we’ve seen after over 15 years of hearing people’s personal stories:

1. Your condition after the ibogaine experience does not improve for long.

Many visitors to ibogaine treatment centers have told us something common: they receive their flood doses, DO experience an intense ibogaine experience, do indeed tap into some hidden parts of their subconscious, and feel like they’ve undergone a transformative experience. Then, a few days after treatments, they begin to feel the withdrawal, anxiety and other problems that caused them to seek help in the first place.

Soon, the feeling that the money wasn’t well-spent sets in…but that soon is overtaken by the realization that the habits or traumas remain, and that the hope the individual had when deciding to invest begins to fade away.

We do not wish this feeling on anyone, as is it often more destructive to a person’s hope than if they simply hadn’t sought help at all.

2. You feel worse than you did before your ibogaine therapy.

It’s not beyond the realm of possibility that a treatment can cause you to feel worse than before. There are a few reasons for this. One of which is that some facilities take an overly generic ‘one size fits all approach’ to the treatment. This is not unlike what we see sometimes in recreational psychedelic use, where participants are given ‘standard doses’ of a substance. Sometimes this is done with clinical intentions, with the belief that following rigorous doses is the best policy every single time.

But ibogaine is not a ‘drug’, in the normal sense of the word, and it should not be used as such. It works in concert with the individual’s own psyche and immune system to trigger the healing process, depending on the person’s own unique needs and physiology.

The secret to optimal therapy comes not from a single large dose of Ibogaine; rather, it comes from a steady stream of the highest quality Ibogaine (99.9% pure pharmaceutical grade) over a calculated timeframe.

If it is not administered correctly to activate the ideal neuro-stimulus effects in the person’s brain and body, one can feel additional anxiety, extra stress, and increased depression that can exacerbate the unwanted behaviors and endanger their lives.

3. You’re stuck looking for more help.

The unfortunate reality is that we receive constant outreach from individuals who have already chosen to visit another ibogaine facility — and walked away underserved and worse for wear.

There is always the element of ‘sunk cost’, or “well, I’ve already spent this much, I just need to keep spending to fix it.” This is a natural reaction, and it can lead to someone eventually making a choice that gives them the results they need to live a happy and productive live.

We take them in with open arms, but a large part our team’s spirit wishes we could do more to help prevent the losses they experienced along the way.

But we’re not in the businesses of disparaging other clinics, and, frankly, have too much work to do serving the individuals who choose to place their trust in us.

Rather, we simple reiterate:

It is imperative to watch many, and many RECENT testimonials, and hear from real individuals who have experienced the treatment.

Watch a variety of clips of people with different needs. Read reviews online. We also have many alumni of our facility who are happy to talk directly with people who want to ease their uncertainties.

We truly urge people to do real research before committing on a clinic based on price or something they’ve only seen online. This experience is deeply person, it’s not a car wax. It pays to be extremely cautious and feel 100% secure when choosing the right facility.

We work to make it easy on our end. Give us a call anytime at 1-800-818-4511 to talk and we’ll refer you to many ways to help you decide which ibogaine treatment is the right one for you.


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