The Truth About Ibogaine And Suboxone

Find out what it’s like to receive treatment at Ibogaine Clinic.

Even if you’re addicted to Suboxone and need help, there is hope. David Dardashti has perfected a cure for Suboxone addiction that does NOT require you to first switch to short-acting opiates. In this video, we discuss real-life accounts of overcoming Suboxone addiction in days, NOT MONTHS or WEEKS–and pain-free!

Those suffering from opiate addiction are looking for any means possible, to escape from the horror film that is their life. There are those who take advantage of these vulnerable victims. They turn this into a disposable commodity, leading the addict into a darker and more demonic world. This malevolent act is excused by a more structured form of opiate addiction. This is also known as, Suboxone and Subutex maintenance programs.

They are playing devil’s advocate by keeping these victims trapped into demonic oblivion. They are under the care of medical professionals, yet they are still trapped by the clutches of the opiates. These opiates are longer acting, yet if they truly wish to come off them, they are left in more substantial agony and pain than short-acting opiates, such as heroin and oxycontin.

The idea behind these drugs is to prevent the addict from experiencing any euphoria and at the same time prevent them from feelings of withdrawal. These drugs keep the addict numb, preventing any means from finding inner beauty. They are experiencing the worst of both worlds. They are hooked on the opiates and at the same time cannot at the very least enjoy the effects. The only positive side of things is that these maintenance programs are keeping the addicts off the streets.

The most optimal solution for an addict is stuck within the clutches of opiate addiction is Ibogaine Hydrochloride. The addict takes this miraculous medicine one time and experiences virtually no withdrawal symptoms. This cure is not legal in the United States, since pharmaceutical companies cannot make as much money as they do on the poisons, they use to so call, help the suffering addict.



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