We treat suboxone, subutex, and other opiates addiction immediately, without the use of short-acting opiates, and without withdrawal.

When you choose to go through an opiate addiction treatment, it’s important to be in a calm environment that allows you to rid yourself of anxieties and reflect. That’s why most drug treatment programs take place in facilities that are close to the ocean, where nature is also part of the addict’s healing journey. At Ibogaine Clinic, our medically-supervised ibogaine opiate detox takes place in a beautiful, affluent marina community called Puerto Aventuras, close to Playa Del Carmen and 25 minutes from Mayan ruins. Think tropical beauty, beautiful beaches, an excellent fishing too. It’s the ideal place for an ibogaine rehab center where people from all walks of life can get treated for addiction. From Methadone addiction to heroin addiction, cocaine and prescription narcotics, Executive Director David Dardashti can help.

Sea lions near ibogaine opiate detox facility

Dolphins, Sea Lions, Beaches, Oh My!

After your ibogaine treatment and as you get your energy back, there’s plenty of things to see and do in and around Puerto Aventuras. The first days, you should take it easy, just enjoy being at one with Mother Nature. You have beach access within less than a 10 minute walk, ideal for thinking, reflecting and taking time for yourself. Should you feel like exercising, there’s a tennis court and full gym close by.Puerto Aventuras has three different bay areas, but all quiet and not as busy as your typical touristic beaches in Mexico. That’s why it’s so ideal for an ibogaine facility like the Ibogaine Clinic. The main 1.5 mile-long beach is called Fatima Bay, while Chan Yu Yum and Chac Hal Al are smaller. You can swim, snorkel or just catch up on some reading. The idea is to really indulge in your calm state, enjoy the freedom of anxieties and take some time for yourself. That will only render your ibogaine treatment and experience even more powerful, really tapping into the spirituality of it.

Dolphin Discovery is also within walking distance from the Ibogaine Clinic, where you can swim with dolphins or even hug and kiss them in the water if you’d like. After undergoing an ibogaine opiate detox, this sort of experience is even more therapeutic than usual. In this natural lagoon, you’ll also find other sea creatures like sea lions, surrounded by other things to see and do such as a golf course, marina, souvenir shops, restaurants, ice cream parlors and more.

massage parlor near ibogaine opiate detox facility

Lavish Gardens, Lovely Animals

Just walking along the Puerto Aventuras community is an experience within itself, you’ll find mesmerizing mansions, exquisite décor, lavish gardens, and lovely animals walking about. From countless species of birds to monkeys, iguanas and other animals native just to the area, you’ll need to walk around with your camera so you can bring the memories back home. Stroll or jog, or simply enjoy the scenery.

Spa Body Treatments and Massages

Puerto Aventuras is home to many spas in luxurious resorts, so you’ll find plenty of ways to unwind and complement your ibogaine opiate detox. For example, Dreams Spa offers hot stone massages, while Xpa offers Mayan Clay facials and Omni Hotel offers organic mud masks made of noni an aloe extracts. The Ibogaine Clinic staff will facilitate booking the spa treatment of your choice including transportation. We will also make sure your favorite treatment is safe after undergoing your ibogaine treatment.

The Ibogaine Clinic offers three different drug treatment programs, the traditional ibogaine detox, the advanced ibogaine detox treatment and the deluxe ibogaine package. They all have common amenities such as wi-fi connection, TV in rooms, gourmet meals and snacks, pool and more. But some packages also include recreational activities as mentioned above as well as psychotherapy sessions, massage therapy and more.

The beach near ibogaine opiate detox facility

If you’d like to learn more about experiencing an ibogaine opiate detox at the Ibogaine Clinic, call us at 1.888.462.1162 for more details and answers to all your questions. We’ll walk you through what you can expect, from your accommodations to the treatment itself and book all of your activities. You can also watch previous patients’ testimonials on our Youtube Channel an even participate in the comment section to get feedback from others. Good luck on your recovery.

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